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replied the topic How to clean viruses on my computer? created by mocksone

first, kick yourself for getting one, plus not having protection installed, that's like buying a condom, having sex and not using it,
Caution several anti programs won't work in 1 computer make sure the ones u use are compatible, run a good antivirus program from an ONLINE FREE site, then you will need to buy a full version anti-virus/malware program install runs should help,
If you just reinstall or rollback that won't does it, the nasty can hide in minor files.
You will need to pray format, un-partition then partition again format start from scratch make sure you install protection right after your computer is finished with a full install of fresh op system.
Make sure you clean every hard drive ( i got 3)
Good Luck hope you did not lose anything important and didn't pass it on in an email or file to another person, you should contact all from the contact list and tell them, just to be safe.

1486 days ago
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