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replied the topic Win32/tiggre plock is killing me created by tiffanyd

Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock is a nasty Trojan malware that will keep coming back to your system until you remove all its associated files and registry keys that it has created on your machine. you will also need to undone all the changes made by this infection. Doing all this manually is time taking and not so effective. you can use a powerful malware removal tool to delete this infection completely and safely from your PC once and for all. check this guide for manual and automatic removal instructions for -

304 days ago
replied the topic C drive full memory problem created by oscarc2000

First go to your system and search for Disk Cleanup app. Choose C drive to analyse

now choose Cleanup system files.

click on start button when pop-up appear
process will take some time.
Choose the

now choose Windows update cleanup or all huge file

finally restart your PC. your work is done here

304 days ago
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