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How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow?√ answeredREWARD $45
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replied the topic How to start download again ? created by Dipto

@Dipto check the availability of the torrent first. If it's more than 1 then try fixing the things others have already mentioned. If the availability in the info tab is less than 1 then that means the torrent file is only available till that %. Like if the availability is 0.92 then the torrent will stop downloading after 92%.

48 days ago
replied the topic Your plans for the new year??! created by AAA1992

I plan to sleep like there's no tomorrow. Ain't that good enough?

53 days ago
replied the topic Computer won't boot after car crash created by HatsuneMiku

@HatsuneMiku. I would suggest first checking out the power supply or the SMPS is fine or not. If the SMPS is fine then next comes your motherboard. Check if the cables for power are all connected and any soldering from the motherboard is off in that area.
Your best bet is if the SMPS is at fault. If it's not then your better off getting a whole new PC.
First check the power, then we can troubleshoot further.

62 days ago
replied the topic Intel vs AMD GPU created by layls1071

AMD for Graphics processing Unit. If your looking for CPU performance then go with Intel.

72 days ago
replied the topic What do liquid coolers come with? created by HatsuneMiku

I too have a AMD Cpu and they are notorious for sound. The stock cooler would just work fine. I would recommend cleaning the stock cooler as dust does not let the heat disperse effectively, and to use a good thermal paste between the Processor and the heat sink. If you had bought a assembled PC I would also check if the Heat sink is properly seated on the processor. I have personally witnessed these kind of blunders with technicians here.

73 days ago
replied the topic Is Malwarebytes safe? created by sunrise

Malwarebytes is a absolutely safe software. If it has detected wise as PUP virus then it's mostly just a warning for Wise to be a POTENTIALLY UNWANTED SOFTWARE. Wise software team could just intimate Malwarebytes team for this issue.

73 days ago
replied the topic What would be most stable currency in the future? created by kmakoynohupa

Bitcoin. And yes you heard me right..

74 days ago
replied the topic Forgot Haircut Name created by Wise_EPL

Yep that's called a Mohawk. It's a really famous and well known information.

90 days ago
replied the topic (No Support Coming From Baidu. Need To Come Here): Baidu Update Error created by Wise_EPL

This is the first time ever I am hearing that Baidu has a Antivirus as well. It's not even mentioned in any Antivirus reviews on the net. Anyways I would recommend you to change your Antivirus. I see no reason to keep a Antivirus which pops up error while updating. There are a lot of free Antivirus out there which will work wonders.
1)Avira Antivirus.
2)Commodo free Antivirus.

90 days ago
replied the topic Have you been mock before if you are how did you cope with the situation. created by selcinor

Just imagine that the person taunting you is a sad being in a worse position in life, no matter how he may appear to rich or sophisticated.

94 days ago
replied the topic Where I can buy Magic Stick of Harry Potter? created by Danyil

Rather than providing you with the answer. I am more interested to know what you would like to use the magic stick for?

96 days ago
replied the topic Will there be a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie? created by Pamela

Probably not. The book is actually based on a play written not my the main author J. K Rowling but by Play writers. Rowling only helped them coauthor it.
Fantastic beast and where to find them is a standalone book and it can be easily adopted for a movie but not the cursed child book.
If I am to say, Harry Potter ended the way it should i, e on a happy note. I see no reason for it to return.

99 days ago
replied the topic Uploading Vidoes To This Site ?? created by WaggieBoi

Thanks for choosing my answer.

100 days ago
replied the topic I want a video editing software to HD Free created by thaison2001

Sorry but there's no software out there that could actually convert SD quality to HD quality. The so called software will only increase the resolution from 480p to 720p but the quality of the video will remain same of what it was in the SD video.
I say this because I have years of experience in transcoding video's for certain sites.
If increasing the resolution is your objective then I would recommend HANDBRAKE for the software. It's easy to use and does a better job than most.

100 days ago
replied the topic Finding a Work @ Home Remote Tech Support Job created by Wise_EPL


I would recommend you try out Fiverr.
It's a great place to start off. Just make your gig and start rolling. Thou i would say be patient as well because it would take some time to get your gig promoted and orders rolling in. But once you start doing you would get regular clients and stick with them.

100 days ago
replied the topic Did you like this place? created by selcinor

If something helps you positively then it's good no matter what it is.
On euask, here sometimes you come across queries which you yourself are finding an answer to. Therefore I LOVE IT HERE.
About the products, I had used it once long ago and it was good.

100 days ago
replied the topic Too Much System Restore Use? created by Wise_EPL

Simple answer is NO. System Restore isn't rough and hard on the system. It uses the same amount of resources what you would use during a normal usage of your system.
Thou i would recommend a defragmentation to be done after you would have done a system restore.
Hope this helps.

100 days ago
replied the topic Uploading Vidoes To This Site ?? created by WaggieBoi

This site doesn't let you upload videos. Therefore the need for "approving" doesn't come into question. The best you can do if upload a video to a third party video hosting site and link it here. The site automatically embeds the linked video.
I presume the reason for non support of videos is related to storage space. A simple Q&A site doesn't require much server space if it has to do without video support.
To cut it short. As there are so many video hosting sites out there and this site embed linked videos from there it doesn't need its own video support for it.
Hope this helps.

100 days ago
replied the topic What next as America have a new president created by selcinor

India is following Mr. ROBOT implementing a 60$ per day limit for its citizens.

104 days ago
replied the topic How do I take photos with blurry background using mobile phones? created by kv3nz

Firstly the blurry effect is called bokeh. And secondly for that effect just use your phone camera and take the shot first and then edit that shot via the an Android app called SNAPSEED on Google Play Store.

106 days ago
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