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Is there a light at the end of the road? 5
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How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow?√ answeredREWARD $45
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replied the topic Invalid File Extensions created by johntillett

Even if you found the answer, could you be a darling and Mark my answer as the best?

22 days ago
replied the topic Give up the internet for a year? created by shahab

I would do neither.
Kill myself as I can't do both.

22 days ago
replied the topic Technical task to complete created by shahab

My first hardest technical troubleshooting would probably be when I first encountered system files missing on the windows xp. It was important as I had my important files at that time. Mind it I was just 14 yrs then. The days I spent trying and testing things out. I didn't have Internet then.

The fix, I stumbled upon Windows system restore. :)

22 days ago
replied the topic Backup Solutions created by brijeshjoshi

If your on WordPress, try any free backup plugin with good reviews. If you want to go on the paid route, try WordPress jetpack services for backup.

22 days ago
replied the topic Music-related websites created by GoGlass

Yousician. Google them

22 days ago
replied the topic Computer sleeps after one minute created by dxbus

Is there any other software which can control the power options? The motherboard tweaking software? I would recommend having a look at those options too first.

If there aren't any software which can do that on your PC. I would check how to disable the sleep option from the registry settings. A quick Google search would help that.

90 days ago
replied the topic My pc is not restart bios and boot proplum wat can i do? created by selvaraj


123 days ago
replied the topic Windows10+Ubuntu18.04.1 created by DenisLesage

Yes you can.

124 days ago
replied the topic How to create website(guide)? created by termezo

WordPress has many types of themes for multiple purposes. A simple YouTube search from setting up hosts to setting up WordPress will be the best guides you can find. I learnt all I have from YouTube and Google search related to specific topics.

126 days ago
replied the topic Domain and host advice? created by termezo

From my 7 years experience in working with the cheapest hosts and domains.

126 days ago
replied the topic I want to save a song from youtube. How do I do it? created by Casetes

If you are on a PC. Just changing a but will allow you to download a YouTube video.

Like thia


See what I did there in the 2nd link? I just added "ss" to the existing link and pressed enter then it allowed me to download the video with ease.

306 days ago
replied the topic Cant open a file game or anything created by nashwadnavas

I would guess you have a files corrupted. Try reinstalling the game. If you still have trouble confirm if all the necessary files for the game are present.

435 days ago
replied the topic I want to make a database for my PHP login/register script ( in a php folder not in a hosting service ) but I don't know how created by pleaseAnswerMe

And no there's no smaller package file for that.
Before that please clarify if your working in a server environment or locally?

435 days ago
replied the topic Adsense Approving Problem created by kamishah

there are a few things which you should consider even before applying for Adsense.
1) they should be good quality content and steady inflow of visitors. they would not approve if your blog has a lot of quality content but no visit us at all.
2) Plagiarism is not tolerated by them at all. they would instantly this approve your AdSense request if they find your content to be same similar to some other bloggers. don't try to cheat them they are into everything..
3) it does not take necessary 2 months before you to apply you can even apply in two weeks if your content and visitors are steady.

435 days ago
replied the topic I want to make a database for my PHP login/register script ( in a php folder not in a hosting service ) but I don't know how created by pleaseAnswerMe

I don't know if you're working the server environment or a local environment but you would need all the necessary softwares in either of the cases.
if you are working in the server environment probably all the softwares already installed like PHP my SQL web server and all other dependencies I would recommend you to check your script for some problems.
if you're working a local environment considering you are running on Windows I would recommend you to install Wamp server. Wamp server has all the required softwares and dependencies in one software itself.

435 days ago
replied the topic Create a new Private Email created by ab1936

in case if you are asking if you wanted totally private email address where no third party can monitor your emails, you and the person sending you the mail should both have private email addresses. then only the mail would be private. the process for creating a private email address is pretty straight forward. you would need a domain name and mail server to set up private email addresses for you and the person you're trying to send the private email.

435 days ago
replied the topic How Euask pays its users? created by bagaswh24

Euask pays its users. I have earned in total of $80+ till date.

488 days ago
replied the topic Dragon City/Facebook Game Interuptions created by DLBosley

There might be 3 things interfering with your game play.
1) outdated browsers, even if you tried using different browsers you didnt specify if you had updated those browsers.
2) Outdated flash and dependencies, you need to update flash, and other stuffs.
3) More RAM perhaps? You didn't specify you PC configuration for us to deduce the problem. Facebook and Facebook games are RAM hungry applications.

Hope this would help you fix your problems.

490 days ago
replied the topic How do i get a Ethereum adress? (and mining) created by Wilfredvr

There are many free etherium wallets and miners on the internet. Just Google them out. Mining can be done either on your PC with either you graphics power or the cpu power. The other way is to rent a miner online and mine them.

493 days ago
replied the topic Best free download mangers . created by lindabest

JDownloader. Hands down its the best free download manager. Auto link decryption, multiple download, even remote monitoring.

Make the smart choice and download this.

493 days ago
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