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How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow?√ answeredREWARD $45
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replied the topic How Euask pays its users? created by bagaswh24

Euask pays its users. I have earned in total of $80+ till date.

6 days ago
replied the topic Dragon City/Facebook Game Interuptions created by DLBosley

There might be 3 things interfering with your game play.
1) outdated browsers, even if you tried using different browsers you didnt specify if you had updated those browsers.
2) Outdated flash and dependencies, you need to update flash, and other stuffs.
3) More RAM perhaps? You didn't specify you PC configuration for us to deduce the problem. Facebook and Facebook games are RAM hungry applications.

Hope this would help you fix your problems.

9 days ago
replied the topic How do i get a Ethereum adress? (and mining) created by Wilfredvr

There are many free etherium wallets and miners on the internet. Just Google them out. Mining can be done either on your PC with either you graphics power or the cpu power. The other way is to rent a miner online and mine them.

12 days ago
replied the topic Best free download mangers . created by lindabest

JDownloader. Hands down its the best free download manager. Auto link decryption, multiple download, even remote monitoring.

Make the smart choice and download this.

12 days ago
replied the topic Two computer with same Mac Address in network or Internet created by AAA1992

Yes possible. If the Mac address is spoofed by either of them.

59 days ago
replied the topic Youtube channel camera created by layls1071

Straightforwardly. If you have the money go with a pro camera. If not a phone camera works as well.

69 days ago
replied the topic Smart phone reboot created by rehan05

@musemCcain dude you just copied my answer. That ain't nice...

148 days ago
replied the topic Smart phone reboot created by rehan05

I assume your asking on how to do a hard reboot i,e, when it's hangs for a whole and is totally unresponsive. For most smartphone model its either VOL UP+POWER button OR VOL DOWN+POWER button OR VOL UP+VOL DOWN+POWER button. You might want to keep pressing the key combination till the phone powers off and restarts.

158 days ago
replied the topic Intel vs AMD: which chipmaker does processors better? created by mazeal

Google Ryzen Dude...

158 days ago
replied the topic JPG to PDF conversion created by ErnestEd

If your on a mac, then just try printing the photo and you will be presented with a option to save them as pdf. I do this most of the time myself.
& if your on a Windows PC, then install foxit pdf reader. That will install the pdf printer driver and then you can use the same method on windows like you could use in mac. :)

158 days ago
replied the topic What did the woman say at 1:24 of this funny Ellen Show clip? created by oiangkiji

Thanks man.!
I finally came back to euask after long now.. :D

158 days ago
replied the topic What did the woman say at 1:24 of this funny Ellen Show clip? created by oiangkiji

I believe that few seconds are missing. You could make it out by looking at the hand gestures before and after when the frame switches to Ellen. But i believe its this: The kids I've taken care of, they are in for a long semester now, so I love it.

158 days ago
replied the topic My Minecraft server was recently DDoSed! Any websites that can host a DDoS protected server? created by RedDatStone

If your still looking out for DDos protected server's and hosting. I'll just leave it here:-
I personally have been using them for years now.

163 days ago
replied the topic How to work get BIOS work created by mazeal

As soon as you switch on the PC. Keep pressing the hell out of the DEL button on the key part until something loads. Rest I assume you would know what to do after getting into the BIOS.
FARE WARNING:- Be extremely careful if your trying to overlock.

163 days ago
replied the topic Why DDos on some website created by Flyshield

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. DDos is the menace with either of these intentions.
1) to defame and degrade the website to such extend that it takes forever to load due to multiple requests f*#King it up. This is due to person reasons such as jealousy or spat between people.
2) for the sole purpose of making money. Hackers sell their services for as cheap as 5$. And the above mentioned people purchase them for their own agenda.

And the circle goes on and on.

163 days ago
replied the topic How to start download again ? created by Dipto

@Dipto check the availability of the torrent first. If it's more than 1 then try fixing the things others have already mentioned. If the availability in the info tab is less than 1 then that means the torrent file is only available till that %. Like if the availability is 0.92 then the torrent will stop downloading after 92%.

228 days ago
replied the topic Your plans for the new year??! created by AAA1992

I plan to sleep like there's no tomorrow. Ain't that good enough?

233 days ago
replied the topic Computer won't boot after car crash created by HatsuneMiku

@HatsuneMiku. I would suggest first checking out the power supply or the SMPS is fine or not. If the SMPS is fine then next comes your motherboard. Check if the cables for power are all connected and any soldering from the motherboard is off in that area.
Your best bet is if the SMPS is at fault. If it's not then your better off getting a whole new PC.
First check the power, then we can troubleshoot further.

242 days ago
replied the topic Intel vs AMD GPU created by layls1071

AMD for Graphics processing Unit. If your looking for CPU performance then go with Intel.

252 days ago
replied the topic What do liquid coolers come with? created by HatsuneMiku

I too have a AMD Cpu and they are notorious for sound. The stock cooler would just work fine. I would recommend cleaning the stock cooler as dust does not let the heat disperse effectively, and to use a good thermal paste between the Processor and the heat sink. If you had bought a assembled PC I would also check if the Heat sink is properly seated on the processor. I have personally witnessed these kind of blunders with technicians here.

253 days ago
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