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replied the topic Black Screen after login created by MelSmeaton

RUN task manager and run a tast type explorer.exe ur desktop will appear but main problem is something else
im sure a virus currpted somthing in ur windows

280 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 security created by baladox

if u are normal person defender is good for u I'm using it more than 2 year it is simple fast and useful other antivirus take ur computer speed and always remember Microsoft is BOSS in World of software
if u download too many files from unathorized sites i think u shoud use another antivirus like kaspersky and nod and .............

280 days ago
replied the topic Wifi problem in win10 created by ab1936

hmm maybe your windows can not identify your WIFI device (are you sure u installed your wifi device driver?)
and if ur WIFI works and just that button is not in that place you can add that manually
Start>Settings>System>Notifications & Actions> add or remove quick actions
in new windows 10 that button in look like this

358 days ago
replied the topic Can't log ig garena, error 2471 created by Igotthis

try VPN for connect
use Hotspot shield

358 days ago
replied the topic Software update Android created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing
I think u should STOP any process from that app u want to update some applications they are running in background first u must stop that process (force stop it must be in setting) and try to update them maybe it work
sry for my bad ENG

455 days ago
replied the topic Youtube channel camera created by layls1071

it depends on ur phone if it is high tech phone i recommend u to use phone if it is not pro camera is the best choice

486 days ago
replied the topic What's license key created by alidaeh

in simple words
license key or cdkey or product keys are CODES or Serial numbers created by company whos create softwares or Games if they don't use this code s for lock they softwares why we must pay them why they must develop apps ? they sell this serial numbers to us u know bro programing is a job they must earn money bro

486 days ago
replied the topic Cannot create New Folder created by Mikey

u must turnoff your user account control setting (in Control panel )maybe it work I think something limited ur action in C drive

486 days ago
replied the topic Is torn VPN connection on Android 5 created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing
use this bro

486 days ago
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