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I forgot my Windows login password. What should I do next?REWARD $2
1727 days ago, last commented by Aircatcher
What's the best Christmas song?√ answeredREWARD $2
1733 days ago, last commented by DY
How many speaker manufacturers does Apple work with?REWARD $2
1741 days ago, last commented by marketsgolabl
Reinstalling system every year?√ answeredREWARD $2
1762 days ago
Can I upgrade my win7 32 bit system to Win 7 64bit without losing data?√ answeredREWARD $2
1768 days ago
Should I buy a TV or a monitor for my PS4?√ answered5
1775 days ago, last commented by Rudefood20
How do I get stronger wifi signal?√ answered5
1782 days ago, last commented by azzromyo
Will the older motherboard affect other parts of the computer?√ answered5
1789 days ago, last commented by kinzy2004
How do I know if my motherboard supports DDR4√ answeredREWARD $1
1795 days ago, last commented by Rudefood20
Why are people so rude in sites such as youtube and Euask?√ answeredREWARD $2
1799 days ago, last commented by WolfCrates
Is it OK to open multiple tabs at the same time?√ answered5
1803 days ago, last commented by SetupComputer
difference between home use and business use√ answeredREWARD $2
1808 days ago, last commented by Neil
How much space should you leave free on a hard disk?√ answeredREWARD $1
1818 days ago, last commented by azzromyo
Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming?√ answeredREWARD $1
1825 days ago, last commented by AmericanDawg
hack into computer even when it's turned off√ answeredREWARD $1
1831 days ago, last commented by Jane1111R
If someone has a newer version of Windows on their PC, can I copy and install it on my PC?√ answeredREWARD $1
1840 days ago, last commented by Oladolona
Can I recover deleted data from an SSD?√ answeredREWARD $1
1837 days ago, last commented by LCMichael
Upgrade CPU without reinstalling my Windows 8.1√ answered5
1847 days ago, last commented by AmericanDawg
Should I buy Windows 8.1?REWARD $25
1847 days ago, last commented by GreenMan
Do i need security software with the new windows 10?√ answeredREWARD $35
1850 days ago, last commented by SetupComputer
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replied the topic I forgot my Windows login password. What should I do next? created by PaulSharon

Thank you, I will try.

1727 days ago
replied the topic I forgot my Windows login password. What should I do next? created by PaulSharon

Windows 8.1

1727 days ago
replied the topic What's the best Christmas song? created by PaulSharon

Thank you! It is helpful.

1727 days ago
replied the topic In your opinion of the best African player created by zizou

Yaya Toure

1733 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 has made my pc games run slow? created by PaulSharon

What should I do?

1865 days ago
replied the topic SALE CHARGER created by MJM0216

Hey there, please refer to this tutorial:
Hope it helps.

1873 days ago
replied the topic How do I stop receiving pop up's created by Josephthediviner

If you mean wise care 365, see the image below

1879 days ago
replied the topic TitleAbout Wuthering Heights , why Wiki says it challenged strict Victorian ideals of the day, including religious hypocrisy, morality, social classes and gender inequality. of the problem created by teddybear

Early reviews of Wuthering Heights were mixed in their assessment. Whilst most critics at the time recognised the power and imagination of the novel, they were also baffled by the storyline and found the characters extremely forward and uninhibited for Victorian times.[note 1] Published in 1847, at a time when the background of the author was deemed to have an important impact on the story itself, many critics were also intrigued by the authorship of the novels.[note 2] Henry Chorley of the Athenæum said that it was a "disagreeable story" and that the "Bells" (Brontës) "seem to affect painful and exceptional subjects".

The Atlas review called it a "strange, inartistic story," but commented that every chapter seems to contain a "sort of rugged power." Atlas summarized the novel by writing: "We know nothing in the whole range of our fictitious literature which presents such shocking pictures of the worst forms of humanity. There is not in the entire dramatis persona, a single character which is not utterly hateful or thoroughly contemptible ... Even the female characters excite something of loathing and much of contempt. Beautiful and loveable in their childhood, they all, to use a vulgar expression, "turn out badly"."[22]

Graham's Lady Magazine wrote "How a human being could have attempted such a book as the present without committing suicide before he had finished a dozen chapters, is a mystery. It is a compound of vulgar depravity and unnatural horrors."[22]

The American Whig Review wrote "Respecting a book so original as this, and written with so much power of imagination, it is natural that there should be many opinions. Indeed, its power is so predominant that it is not easy after a hasty reading to analyze one's impressions so as to speak of its merits and demerits with confidence. We have been taken and carried through a new region, a melancholy waste, with here and there patches of beauty; have been brought in contact with fierce passions, with extremes of love and hate, and with sorrow that none but those who have suffered can understand. This has not been accomplished with ease, but with an ill-mannered contempt for the decencies of language, and in a style which might resemble that of a Yorkshire farmer who should have endeavored to eradicate his provincialism by taking lessons of a London footman. We have had many sad bruises and tumbles in our journey, yet it was interesting, and at length we are safely arrived at a happy conclusion."[23]

Douglas Jerrold's Weekly Newspaper wrote "Wuthering Heights is a strange sort of book,—baffling all regular criticism; yet, it is impossible to begin and not finish it; and quite as impossible to lay it aside afterwards and say nothing about. In Wuthering Heights the reader is shocked, disgusted, almost sickened by details of cruelty, inhumanity, and the most diabolical hate and vengeance, and anon come passages of powerful testimony to the supreme power of love – even over demons in the human form. The women in the book are of a strange fiendish-angelic nature, tantalising, and terrible, and the men are indescribable out of the book itself. Yet, towards the close of the story occurs the following pretty, soft picture, which comes like the rainbow after a storm....We strongly recommend all our readers who love novelty to get this story, for we can promise them that they never have read anything like it before. It is very puzzling and very interesting, and if we had space we would willingly devote a little more time to the analysis of this remarkable story, but we must leave it to our readers to decide what sort of book it is."[24]

New Monthly Magazine wrote "Wuthering Heights, by Ellis Bell, is a terrific story, associated with an equally fearful and repulsive spot… Our novel reading experience does not enable us to refer to anything to be compared with the personages we are introduced to at this desolate spot – a perfect misanthropist's heaven."[25]

Tait's Edinburgh Magazine wrote "This novel contains undoubtedly powerful writing, and yet it seems to be thrown away. Mr. Ellis Bell, before constructing the novel, should have known that forced marriages, under threats and in confinement are illegal, and parties instrumental thereto can be punished. And second, that wills made by young ladies' minors are invalid. The volumes are powerfully written records of wickedness and they have a moral – they show what Satan could do with the law of Entail."[25]

Examiner wrote "This is a strange book. It is not without evidences of considerable power: but, as a whole, it is wild, confused, disjointed, and improbable; and the people who make up the drama, which is tragic enough in its consequences, are savages ruder than those who lived before the days of Homer."[24]

Literary World wrote "In the whole story not a single trait of character is elicited which can command our admiration, not one of the fine feelings of our nature seems to have formed a part in the composition of its principal actors. In spite of the disgusting coursness of much of the dialogue, and the improbabilities of much of the plot, we are spellbound."[26]

Britannia called it a "strangely original" book that depicts "humanity in this wild state." Although mostly hostile, it notes that the book is "illuminated by some gleams of sunshine towards the end which serve to cast a grateful light on the dreary path we have traveled."[27]

1902 days ago
replied the topic Open World Games? created by KarterSmith

Out of the games you want to buy, I'd definitely go for Red Dead :) 

Farcry 3 was good but it's one of those games where after you complete it and play a bit of multiplayer you'll probably never play it again :( 
Saints Row 4 wasn't the best as other people have said because it just felt like a DLC for Saints
Row: The Third. 

Expanding on some of the games others have recommended... 
- Batman Arkham Asylum is good but it's not entirely open-world as it's set almost entirely in the asylum. 
- Borderlands is one of those where it's really freaking good! but only when you're playing with friends and is kinda dull when you don't have all the others in your crew ;P 
- Same goes for Dead Island, not much fun on your own. 
- Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas I can not recommend enough, seriously!!! Personally I prefer New Vegas as it starts with you getting shot in the face and going on this quest for revenge but that's personal preference :P 
- Saints Row 2 is my favourite Saints Row but I'm guessing you've already played that if you're thinking of getting 4 
- Skyrim is one to buy, you might think it's nerdy or whatever but it's addictive as hell :P 
- Out of all the Assassin's creeds I can tell you that they're good up until Revelations because they added so much new stuff from AC 1 to AC 2 which was awesome,

Brotherhood was kinda the same as AC 2 but the story was good so that kept you playing, but with Revelations it was same old same old and boring :/ Black Flag was okay I guess :P Alright I'm done haha :p

1902 days ago
replied the topic speed up my games? created by KING

You can refer to this video:

Hope it helps

1979 days ago
replied the topic Desktop gadget created by Skyfish

There is something wrong with the version that has network monitor, so in the new version, the removed this feature, I suppose they will add this feature back when this problem is fixed.

1984 days ago
replied the topic what is the red number on the wise icon on my desktop created by bbob

It means pop-up notifications, typically they are sale promotions of Wise Care 365. If you open Wise Care 365, you will see the pop-up window and the red number will disappear.

1993 days ago
replied the topic How to improve your graphics on laptop created by 1_JOSH_1

1. Update the graphics card driver
The intel Graphics manufacturer update their drivers on a monthly basis to help improve performance.  Updating the driver to the most recent version should deliver a slight increase in performance every time.

The driver is the piece of software all the programs and games use to communicate with your graphics card. Being with the latest driver means that your graphics card will work faster and you will experience less problems and freezes in graphic intensive applications and games. New driver versions also introduce improvements and optimizations for many games.

You can go to:
and download the Intel Driver Update Utility to update the driver.

2. Increase the amount of RAM and make it work in dual channel mode
Integrated graphics cards usually do not have their own memory (or only have a small amount of one). They take memory from the RAM of the computer. When your computer has more RAM the Intel HD Graphics will be able to utilize more memory. But what will really speed it up will be using two memory sticks of the same capacity and speed. In this case you computer's RAM will begin to work in dual channel mode which means that it will become at least 15% faster. As the integrated graphics use computer's RAM extensively you can expect an even greater performance improvement for your Intel HD Graphics - it will become 20 - 25% faster in most applications and games.

3. Make sure the graphics card is not in power saving mode
If you are after maximum performance of you Intel HD Graphics, make sure you have turned off all of its power saving features. This tip is valid for all video cards, power saving features kill performance and vice versa. That is why in order to achieve maximum performance you have to make sure that your Windows power plan is not on Power Saver, you can use the Balanced or the High Performance power plan. Please, note that although this tip will certainly improve your Intel HD Graphics' performance it will also increase the power it draws, as well as the heat it generates under heavy load (which is the case for games).
4. Set the 3D preference of Intel HD Graphics to "Performance"
This trick will help you improve the frame rate in games. To apply it click the Intel HD Graphics driver tray icon, select Graphics Properties, then click the 3D tab and move the slider to Performance. In this way you sacrifice a bit of image quality for improved 3D performance, which should lead to a few more frames per second (FPS) in games. The image on the right shows the way this dialog looks for Intel HD Graphics 3000 on Windows 7. Do not expect miracles though, this will not turn your Intel HD Graphics into a high performance gaming video card, but you will get a slight bump in frame rates depending on the game.

5. Shut down all the programs and services you don’t need.
Close any unnecessary background programs while using graphics-intense programs. Background programs may be robbing your CPU of cycles it could be using to boost graphical performance. Instead of closing the programs one by one and stopping the services in Windows Task Manager, you can achieve all that with Wise Game Booster. You can shut down all the all the suggested programs and services with one single click of ‘Optimize all’. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the suggested options, you can go to each column to close the programs or services according to your own needs.

These 5 tips will greatly improve your Intel HD Graphics performance thus letting you enjoy smooth game play.

1998 days ago
replied the topic Slow performance while copying files created by PaulSharon

Hi there, it is an External drive

2137 days ago
replied the topic Hibernate button is missing created by Chris

Extract from Help page might, well, help:

Why can't I find the sleep or hibernate options on my computer?

Click the Start button Image , and then click the arrow next to the Shut down button.

Sleep and Hibernate located on the menu

If sleep or hibernate aren't available, it might be for one or more of the following reasons:

Your video card might not support sleep. Update the driver for your video card, or check the information that came with your computer about your video card and supported drivers. For more information, see Update drivers: recommended links.

Some settings are managed by your system administrator. For more information, see Why won't Windows allow me to change a system setting?
Sleep and other power-saving states are turned off in your computer's basic input/output system (BIOS). To turn on sleep, restart your computer, and then enter the BIOS setup. As your computer starts, instructions typically appear on the screen that indicate which key or keyboard shortcut you must press to enter the BIOS setup process. Because not all computer manufacturers use the same BIOS, different keys are assigned for this purpose. To learn more, check the information that came with your computer or go to the manufacturer’s website.

If the hibernate option is missing, you might have hybrid sleep turned on.

2146 days ago
replied the topic Touchpad not working well after upgrading to Windows 8.1 created by BladonUnderwood

I would suggest you to download and install the Windows 8 touchpad drivers from the manufacturer's website and install it in Windows 8 compatibility mode and check.

Follow these steps to install the drivers in compatibility mode:
a) Download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
b) Right-click on the driver and click on ‘properties’.
c) Click on the ‘compatibility’ tab and check the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and select Windows 8 operating system from the drop down.
d) Click on ‘Apply’ and click ‘OK’ and run the file to install it.

2148 days ago
replied the topic Webcam issues created by MichaleBurrows

Hi Michael. This issue might have caused due to an issue with the Hardware or the driver. I would like to know some information about this issue so that we could assist you further.

1. What is the complete model number of the HP computer?

2. Are you using an external webcam or a built-in one?

3. What is the make and model number of the webcam? (If you are using external webcam.)

4. Have you made any changes to the computer other than moving it?

If you are using an external webcam form Microsoft, then I would suggest you to try the steps in the following Microsoft Help article and check if it helps.

2148 days ago
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