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How to become serious with studies√ answeredREWARD $2
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replied the topic How to become serious with studies created by Ojo_Meshack

really helpful. thanks

755 days ago
replied the topic How can we live longer? created by Donna

on the contrary, one cannot predict life itself. Death is inevitable, when it comes, even the richest and the most healthy cannot escape it. best option: Live a clean and sin-free life, so when death visits, you can happily embrace it without fright but with hope of eternal life.

755 days ago
replied the topic How to start a conversation with a stranger? created by walker16

To start a conversation with a stranger, you have to try as much as possible to be polite so he/she doesn't think of you as a rude person.
firstly, you can start by trying to know the person's name, after which an interesting topic can proceed the discussion.
I believe a good topic to chat is one which concerns personal details; that is, trying to know more about yourself. So, the next time you meet, you won't be strangers to each other anymore because you know much about yourselves now. -Ojo Meshack

755 days ago
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