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replied the topic What's your favorite movie? created by martinlemmy

Inherit The Wind with Spencer Tracy and Frederic March.

892 days ago
replied the topic How to be stronger? created by larry2

Set realistic goals and accomplish them. This will give you a sense of efficacy and the pride that comes with being productive. Do not take on any beliefs you can not rationally defend, otherwise you lose confidence in your mind.

892 days ago
replied the topic Where is the end of universe? What's beyond it? created by akhil_raj001

The universe is. All is in it. Existence exists. Nothing can be created from nothing. Anything was formed by antecedents: causes and entities. Time is in the universe. The universe is not in time. Time is a measurement of movement. Without movement there would be no time, no way to measure the passage of a time interval. The Big Bang had to have been preceded by another universe going through a big crunch. Perhaps the transitive entities were so infinitesimal that they do not manifest themselves, but one thing is certain, there had to be something for there to be something now. Have a great being!

905 days ago
replied the topic Requests women in marriage of mens???? created by only_god

Actually women are very understandable, just listen to them when you know they're honest and up front, read between the lines if not.

905 days ago
replied the topic Which celebrity's death shocked you the most? created by Cheetos

John F. Kennedy. I was 13 at the time.

905 days ago
replied the topic My computer just sits there! created by wvmayflower58

I had a Dell laptop, an Inspiron 1764 with i5 processor, a 17" screen. I used to get blue screens of death frequently, it was working well if it only happened once a day. But usually it was more often than that. I tried many excellent utility suites, driver updates, etc., but to no avail. I'd try reinstalling the OS but that never worked. Then I found the solution: get rid of it and buy an ASUS G75VW. No more problems.

937 days ago
replied the topic Spotify Subscription created by G33kpaine

Spotify Premium, 9.95 a month, it allows you to keep a list of local files: mainly music you've downloaded from iTunes and on Windows Media Player, plus any podcasts. But what else you can do is create lists and file your music etc. in those files and extend your storage capability.

952 days ago
replied the topic Cheater on the Prowl created by Conikay

Tell him you met a new boyfriend whose insanely jealous and is an avid gun collector. And if this fellow still asks what you're doing on Saturday, tell him that's your night to bring donuts for your STD support group.

967 days ago
replied the topic What do you want to know firstly before you travel to other countries? created by July

Definitely learn customs and courtesies. Learn the history so you know the context of what you observe. And if you have time learn the language. Speaking with those whose lives are wrapped around these other places makes the experience much richer.

967 days ago
replied the topic What would you buy if you want to make yourself happy? created by finefin

Money, they say, doesn't buy happiness, but its a lot easier to be miserable with it. Happiness is that state of mind that is only earned when one has lived up to the principles one values, when one accomplishes something, or when one learns one has greater ability than imagined. Imagine how you would feel if you discovered a cure for a disease, or invented a new way to eliminate accidents, or found a way to end one of the many ways in which people struggle to survive in the world. Human desires are unlimited. But the means to satisfy them are always limited, by the amount of goods and options available, the alternate uses for them, by the imagination, etc. But those unlimited desires provide a great opportunity for great accomplishments. And we wouldn't live as well as we do if it weren't for all the great things done with medicine, engineering, etc. Anyway, just being kind, reasonable, honest, purposeful, rational, independent, and respectful of the rights of others, will already provide a strong and well-deserved joy of living.

967 days ago
replied the topic How to convert books into eBooks? created by smell

zrodfects, I didn't think of Dragon Speaking. Thank you for that. And as long as someone is only using it for themselves, copyright l;aw may not be an issue. (for anything still under copyright)

967 days ago
replied the topic How to convert books into eBooks? created by smell

Damn it, you're right!

968 days ago
replied the topic How to convert books into eBooks? created by smell

Photograph or scan each page. Unless there's another method I'm not aware of, which is very possible. (Corrected.)

968 days ago
replied the topic Are you afraid of Death?????hard... created by only_god

Being dead is a piece of cake, it's non-existence. Its the process of getting there that's worrisome. The truly distressing part is that no matter one's beliefs, we all meet the same fate, but some of the most monstrous people leave life easily, and some far more worthwhile people leave life in an excruciating way.

972 days ago
replied the topic How to enjoy life? created by buddy205

Omit from your life what brings you down, let in those things that make you shine.

973 days ago
replied the topic How do you feel when u make love with a girl? created by Frank_D

Flip Wilson: "Love is the feeling you feel when you feel the feeling you never felt before."

973 days ago
replied the topic The best way to treat depression? created by only_god

In the universe there are billions of galaxies, perhaps several thousands for every human being that exists or ever existed. You tell me which several thousand galaxies are invalid, and I'll tell you why you should be depressed.

973 days ago
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