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replied the topic The ideal place to travel created by talata

you have to visit Kenya. everything from African culture to nature and wild animals you'll leave this place a happy person plus a warm reception from its citizen. 'kuja kenya' come to Kenya 'hakuna matamata'

1426 days ago
replied the topic Which virus software for pc is best created by plunderbunny1986

use smadav its good and free.

1426 days ago
replied the topic What did you think about Premature sex and rape most especially if this happen to you or your lovely daughter created by selcinor

Its sad be a victim of rape more so for younger kids even adults coz its something you'll have ta accept first for you to move on even though you can not forget the incident. this will be traumatizing and can lead to stigmatization so handling the situation needs a a qualified counsellor and support from family and always show love for the victims to help them move on.

1426 days ago
replied the topic How to answer what more do you want me to say created by rayhare

sure you have a spelling problem like 'sort' grammatically correct but in your statement it should be short. try using Oxford dictionary app it will help

1426 days ago
replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11

I would talk to Dad in every single moment I have in his and my life

1426 days ago
replied the topic What is euask?and whats the money for? created by DavidK

join ask what you don't know and answer what you know then earn income

1426 days ago
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