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replied the topic What essay topic related to Drug Abuse? And What argumentative essay questions on Drug Abuse? created by Nur_iffah

Hey@nuklin thanks for helping me...i really need that topic question..but can you give me the website where you found the argumentative essay questions?

1606 days ago
replied the topic Ideas or help anyone? created by prince09

You can work in be a dropship...or get a simple job like work in starbuck...or u also can work in office if u have any degree...but honestly u must work to get money..there no way we can get money for free... :-)

1821 days ago
replied the topic "love at first sight" or "love develops with time"? created by daydream

Okay this question is really subjective...everybody have their own desired relationship...

But for me iam more into love develops with time cuz that way of love we know someone in n out..we friend with someone first and than we discover that we have a lot in common and thats way we found out that we falling in love with him/her....that love is true love cuz we love the true him/her...

For love at the first sight...i dont really believe that way of love cuz love at the first sight we just see their their look..their eyes..their voice..that make we falling in love with him/her...but when we know the true them self the love that we feel before this will slowly disappear...that love is not true love cuz we just love whatever their really not good for relationship...

*sorry for mistake grammar...iam not good in eng..cuz eng is my second language

1822 days ago
replied the topic How to lose a girl in ten days? created by alvindgreat

Okay here i give u some ways
•avoid them (hang out with guys more than a girls)
•dont talk to them (to make they feels like u avoid them and make them not exist)
•if any GIRLS try to ask u out..RUN RUN as fast as u can(joke) just tell them u dont have any interested with them
•if u really dont care about their heart just tell them u hate them around u (i think that the fastest way but u have to take the risk) huhu
•tell them u already have a gf or fiance
•tell them u gay hahaha..if u desperate to lose a girl

*so gud luck dude..this from a girl u know..haha

But i have some advise...i think better u just go with the flow and try to have fun...i bet u really attractive haha..u so lucky ..most of the guys really want to have every girl chasing them..but u dont..i understand (but iam a girl so its same situation but different gender haha)

1822 days ago
replied the topic What's your feeling when turning 30? created by sunrise

Simple answer..i feel so old..

1822 days ago
replied the topic COSPLAY PLAN FOR ME created by prince09 look at this

1822 days ago
replied the topic What is your favourite language? created by Lasitha

I like malay.. And English..Malay because that my mother languange n eng my second languange...btw i like hear italian languange its sooo hot and romantic....anybody italian here??? Hehehe

1822 days ago
replied the topic How old are you ? what are you Education subject? created by only_god

Iam 18...Human resource management

1822 days ago
replied the topic can you tell me how to get fat fast? created by abcman

Eating to Gain Weight
Gain Weight Fast (for Men) Step 1
Eat more than three meals a day. If you naturally have a really fast metabolism, eating three meals a day, no matter what’s in them, isn’t going to help you bulk up.[1] Your body burns calories fast, so you need to feed it more than it can use up right away. That means eating not just when you’re hungry, but throughout the day. Aim to eat five meals a day to gain weight.
Don’t wait until your stomach starts to growl to eat. Plan out five meals so you never have time to get hungry.
Eating this much can take a lot of effort, since you need to stock up on enough food to feed yourself more often. Pack calorie-rich snacks you can eat on the go, like bananas and peanut butter or dense granola bars.
Gain Weight Fast (for Men) Step 2
Eat plenty of calories at every meal. Eating five small, low-calorie meals isn’t going to cut it; they’ve got to be big and rich in calories. Load up on a restaurant-sized meal each time, with big portions of meat, vegetables, and a carbohydrate. Eating this much might not exactly feel comfortable, but it’s the best way to gain weight fast.[2]
A large enough breakfast might consist of a three-egg omelet, two slices of bacon or sausage, a cup of roasted breakfast potatoes and a glass of orange juice.
For lunch, try a fully dressed turkey club on whole wheat bread, two bananas, and a salad.
Dinner could be a grilled steak, loaded baked potato and a few cups of grilled veggies.
Gain Weight Fast (for Men) Step 3
Stick to whole foods loaded with nutrients. To gain healthy weight, eat food that’s nutrient rich and nourishing.[3] While you could easily gain weight by drinking sugary sodas and eating large pizzas every day, this can wreck your metabolism and cause you to gain fat instead of muscle. When you’re choosing food to eat, try the following:
Look for foods that are relatively unprocessed. For example, choose old-fashioned oatmeal instead of instant, and go for fresh chicken as opposed to processed lunch meat.
Cook as many meals from scratch as you can. Avoid getting frozen dinners, fast food and snack foods, which contain a lot of salt, sugar and other fillers that aren’t nutritious.
Gain Weight Fast (for Men) Step 4
Focus on protein, fats and carbohydrates. These are the three staples that will help you gain weight, and you need plenty of each of them to stay healthy. Focus on incorporating protein, fats and carbohydrates into every meal you eat so your diet stays balanced. Here are some examples of good choices in each category:
Proteins: eggs, salmon, tuna, and other fish; pork roast, pork chops, and ham; chicken breasts and thighs; lean beef burgers and steaks.
Fats: olive oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil; avocados, walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds.
Carbohydrates: fruits and vegetables; beans, lentils, peas; brown rice, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and other whole grain products; honey and fruit juice.
Gain Weight Fast (for Men) Step 5
Make sure you drink plenty of water. Water will help your body process the extra protein and calories you’re taking in. Drink several glasses with every meal to avoid getting dehydrated. Since you’re probably also going to be exercising more to gain mass, aim to drink 10 glasses of water every day.
You can also drink unsweetened tea, fruit juice, and other healthy beverages.
Avoid drinking Gatorade and other sports drinks in excessive amounts, since they contain a lot of sugar.

2017 days ago
replied the topic How to tell my friend to pay attention to her table manners? created by hellen

Hello, Awkward-eers!

I got this great question recently, and I don’t know how to answer it. I’m pretty sure that no one wants to have their table manners critiqued or have to critique the table manners of another adult, so it’s definitely awkward if it becomes necessary to have this conversation with a loved one. Maybe something like “I’ve noticed you don’t put your napkin in your lap when we sit down, is there a reason?” is the answer? Or, for actual serious gross manners violations, “You probably don’t realize this since you can’t see yourself, but you chew with your mouth open sometimes.” Maybe there should be Periodic Table Manners Review With Trusted Friends as we age? But beyond that…I don’t know how I’d bring it up. Does anyone have any experience with this or good advice for the letter writer?

Here’s a fairly straightforward question but one whose answer could be helpful to lots of people, myself among them. In a recent post you advise an anxious soon-to-be-partygoer that if she isn’t sure she has great table manners, to get together with a trusted friend and get feedback.

So…what’s the best way to give someone feedback when you’ve noticed that their table manners are not awesome? I dated someone for a long time who was generally a great and considerate and well-mannered guy, but chewed with his mouth open (not so much that you saw his food, but the lip smacking was pretty loud and pretty gross). The thing I’ve noticed with my current sweetheart (also great, considerate and well-mannered) is that he never, ever puts his napkin on his lap during meals, even when we’re in a nice place with a group of people who are all doing this. I don’t even really know if this considered a matter of etiquette or just a best practice that was drilled into my klutzy self from early childhood on.

Actually, that’s kind of the thing. Most of the time if I think someone has crossed a line manners-wise I find it pretty easy to correct them, making my argument from empathy (“How would you feel if someone came to your house for dinner a lot and never contributed to the feast? Groceries and alcohol can be very expensive and I wish you’d help out”) but table manners are different. Yeah, if you spit on the table and eat salad with your hands and then lick the dressing off your thumbs, or just go to the john before placing your order in a sit-down restaurant, that’s pretty inconsiderate, but when it comes to more subtle table manners violations, people aren’t likely to get grossed out or offended so much as they are to think the person in question kind of a slob. I mean, I’m not sure anyone’s feelings are getting hurt because my fellow doesn’t consider himself a sloppy enough eater to put a napkin down.

I just don’t want anyone to think my perfectly lovely boyfriend was born in a barn. I don’t want anyone I care about to get passed over for a great opportunity because he or she slurped wine too loudly over lunch with a professional contact. OK, that and I just think it’s a little weird and embarrassing. It doesn’t help that both of the men I used as examples above come from pretty working class backgrounds, and so did I — like, my father didn’t know the difference between fortified wine and aged wine until I told him a couple of years ago. But talking about it that way makes me feel a little like the lady from the Scottish play (old theater nerds never die, something something). And the fact that women are so often portrayed as/expected to be the gatekeepers of gentility in this world annoys the ever living shit out of me. I don’t need or want my partner to know which kind of fork to use and which course is supposed to go in which order in a million-part meal. But the stuff that people do pay attention to, even if it’s a tad arbitrary — how do I talk about it without sounding like a jerkass concern troll? Under what circumstances does one just let these things slide?

– Something In My Teeth

2017 days ago
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