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replied the topic C drive full memory problem created by oscarc2000

Backup the important files and format this hard disk. If the Windows is on this hard disk, you need to reinstall windows.

513 days ago
replied the topic How i can speed my win 10 ? created by imcaosama

first, you need to figure out the specific reason of your slow computer speed. If your boot partition is in low disk space, or lots of fragment on your hard drive, or not enough RAW, or attacked by the virus.

1486 days ago
replied the topic How to delete a file that windows can't delete? created by Monitor

Maybe it is the problem of authority. Before you deleted this file, you need to get the administrator permission.

And you can reboot the computer and enter into the security mode to try to delete the file.

Sometimes, because of the working of firewall, some files was used by those program. So yo need to close these antivirus programs and then delete the file.

If you still can not delete the file, maybe it is the error of the disk. You need to scan the disk and partition on which the file is. MiniTool Partition Wizard can explore disk and partitions efficiently and recovery partition.

1655 days ago
replied the topic Is energy drink good for stay up late created by Nuttela

Energy drinks contain caffeine, you would better not to drink much. But the answer for your question is yes. It does help you keep sober.

1661 days ago
replied the topic What happens when someone lose all his money created by richkid

You should ask the last question to a police man, maybe he can find money for you.

1661 days ago
replied the topic How do I format my FAT32 drive to NTFS? created by Leehom

1, you need to backup all data for security.
2, Open Command prompt: cmd--type "convert d:/fs:ntfs "-- enter. This method will not cause any hurt to your partition.

Note: You need to make sure what kind of partition you want to convert the file system. If it is system partition, before Windows 7, Command prompt cannot convert file system of system partition; after Windows 7, it can.
Convert fat32 to ntfs by command prompt is a one-way process. You can not convert ntfs back to fat32.

1661 days ago
replied the topic how to change from fat32 to ntfs? created by Robot

There are three ways you can use.
1, Format the partition and choose the files system NTFS, click START;
2, Like other guys said, you can use Command prompt: open START, type CMD, in the command prompt window, type " convert d:/fs:ntfs/ ", enter;
3, MiniTool Partition wizard: the function CONVERT FAT32 to NTFS is so easy to utilize.

In summary, the 1st method will damage partition data; the 2nd method can keep partition data but it can not convert system partition; and for the 3rd method, it not only can convert files system of system partition, but also will not destroy the data.

1668 days ago
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