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Gaming as a potential job?REWARD $215
14 days ago, last commented by MrOwnage
Distorted sound mid-game√ answeredREWARD $310
55 days ago, last commented by Aravi
Msisadrv.sys error?√ answeredREWARD $220
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replied the topic Gaming as a potential job? created by MrOwnage

I have been "conducting research" and found something called Patreon.... yes I knew about it earlier but didn't bother with it much till now, and yes I am sorry for late reply.

Basically people there post their stuff (anything, from instructional videos to maybe even game videos) and their fans/viewers (the patrons) can pay to support them, often in exchange for rewards, like requests, hangouts etc....

Maybe I could attempt it after getting a bigger following perhaps.

5 days ago
replied the topic Gaming as a potential job? created by MrOwnage

Sorry for not replying in a while.

I really don't think I would succeed as a streamer. Streamers are mostly like entertainers, which means that they are often liked, respected for their personality and not their skill (most of the time), the former which I don't really have to "stand out"

On the other hand, I am interested in trying out tournaments but they are all played on consoles and I tried playing BO3 once on controller... I can't get used to that at all...

8 days ago
replied the topic Gaming as a potential job? created by MrOwnage

It seems the Titan One USB-type converter I searched online is compatible with all current consoles (by that I mean PS4,PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc...) it's also not that expensive at 60 dollars.

So if a player gets sponsored he/she gets a bigger following? And what exactly those tourney players do when they are not partipicating (because the tournaments are often annual)?

13 days ago
replied the topic Cleaning computer created by bebhelms

@bebhelms The easiest way (although it's mostly automatic) is to simply install a cleaner program. CCleaner and Wise Care 365 are both very good programs, and WC365 also comes with registry cleaner and optizmizer as well.

Though it's still good to create a batch shortcut file containing the ipconfig commands, so they can be ran in only two clicks.

13 days ago
replied the topic Gaming as a potential job? created by MrOwnage


500 000 views? Damn, that is impressive! My highest view count I had so far is about 900 views (I did start like a few weeks ago only, though). My dream is that in one day I could go partipicate in a large-scale tournament (like EVO) and maybe even get a good place, like the semifinals. I've partipicated in smaller community-run tournaments and I came in second in a handful of them, and me and a friend also have won a (yet small, community-made) "tournament".

Also, two things on topic of fighters. SF (Street Fighter) is so mainstream that the smaller games (like Guilty Gear) either don't get recognition or don't get hosted at bigger tournaments. And also, most fighting game tournament's games are played on consoles. Does that mean that...

-1 : If I don't get into Street Fighter I won't really have a chance to go on smaller tournaments?
-2 : If I don't learn controller controls (Keyboard not supported by controller unless...) I am screwed? I don't know of any good keyboard-to-console converter brands either.

And final question : Most of the "bigger" players (like Xian by Razer) are sponsored by a team or a company, what are the benefits of getting sponsored exactly?

Thanks for the links, but most of them seem like you have to play luck-based games (can't stand those) or puzzle games (not really good at those), and some of the sites actually seem suspicious to me (I do trust you, that is not the problem), like that first link (supposed to be CashDazzle, I get redirected to FreeLotto).

That Exodus 3000 game seems good, but it seems like their payout system has been suspended...

13 days ago
replied the topic Whho is spam emailer? created by Aravi

Hi @Aravi
The online world today is sadly what it is and you never know what will happen, how and why. For example on my e-mail accounts I am also regularly getting spam email, from a lot of addresses and I don't even know why am I getting them, even though, just like you, I don't share email ID to others, only where you, for example have to register but even then I would know why am I getting those E-mails.

Unless the emails contain something "important" the best course of action would be to simply block and ignore the spammer.


14 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@ha14 @Aravi @voineeadi First off, thanks for the message, I wish you guys a Happy New Year as well!

Second off, I am happy to report the issue is finally fixed! Advanced Warfare didn't have sound bugs now either, I turned down the graphics a little and now it is running very good as well! So everything is now OK!

I think the maintenance thing helped a lot so I marked that one (ha14's suggestion) as best answer, but I thank everyone for the help!

Also got latest Realtek driver and I feel that helped a bit as well!

22 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@ha14 @Aravi ha14's maintenance option worked somewhat, and now BO2 runs at a stable 60 fps, expect when shooting a missile at a palm tree on the Cove map (an island map) for some reason. Otherwise it runs very well!

Now to fix BO1 and check Advanced Warfare if the issue is resolved and then we are pretty much done!

UPDATE : With some tweaks I got BO1 to run very well now like BO2! I had a stable 60 fps while fighting on the ground (even when explosions go off and the like), the only time my FPS went below 60 (to 30 to be exact) is when I used the Gunship streak (a controllable helicopter that overlooks the entire battlefield) but that's no problem as it's pretty powerful anyway, and I don't think that even a quantum-supercomputer is enough to run BO1 60 fps all the time!

I think the issue is pretty much resolved now. No sound bugs neither in Black Ops 1 nor 2, both run very well now and didn't have a single BSoD or black screen after quitting for a while. Will test some more, test Advanced Warfare and report back.

UPDATE : Ran the computer the entire day, playing Black Ops, Black Ops 2 and Blazblue. None had any issues or sound bugs now, only Advanced Warfare remains. I think the issue is pretty much solved now, no BSoD-s either.

23 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

Sfc /scannow found no integrity violations.

Will check the maintenance option later.

I dont know what chipset drivers are good for exactly, thats why I dont want to install them yet, but I will search it up.

My brother's PC has much weaker specs, like Intel Pentium 4 processor and 4GB or so RAM and he has no problems with Black Ops. Granted, he runs it on lower graphical settings but I think my PC should be able to run it at high settings (can run AW at mid-high settings)

23 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@Aravi @ha14 I wasn't able to test much today as we have been busy, but...

-With latest drivers (ReLive) I haven't been getting a black screen because of exiting a game ONCE so that's a good thing.

-Didn't get a THREAD_STUCK BSoD since my last post about it but I will test some more and report back about this.

-During my playtime with Black Ops 1 and 2 there were no sound bugs whatsoever. Yet to test Advanced Warfare however.

-Either Black Ops is a game that isn't well optimized for AMD hardware /multicore CPU or it's badly optimized for PC altogether, I think I have a middle-high end PC and yet I still get stutters. Examples include at the beginning of the match (2-3 seconds but still a bit annoying) and when multiple explosions happen at once /multiple streaks are called in at once. Interesting to note is that I've seen BO3 gameplay on the same graphic card I have (R7 260X) and it runs fine for them. It was alright for me too but I am wondering why can't I run a much older game issue-free.

-Black Ops 2 has no stutters but when looking at explosions (mainly from the zoomed in-view from an airborne streak like the Lodestar (an AGM drone)) I get an FPS drop to 30 or so. Otherwise it's 60 FPS (which BO1 interestingly isn't).

-I also have a weird issue (sometimes at bootup, sometimes after game) where I click the taskbar, nothing opens, double-click Firefox, it doesn't open, press alt+ctrl+del, nothing comes up, then a few seconds later ALL of these come up at the same time. It's also mainly an annoyance but I don't know if it signs something worse.

Should I install chipset drivers by the way? Maybe they would help? What do they do exactly?

24 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@Aravi @ha14
While I couldnt playtest as I have been far away, they do say on steam forums that Black Ops` engine doesnt really like AMD hardware... so if i dont switch to Nvidia I am basically screwed?

I did see something about FX Bulldozer patches (for Win 7), do I nees to install those (if available) or chipset drivers? What are chipset drivers good for exactly?
I am using an FX 6300.

24 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

Interestingly did not have a BSoD today so far, I won't mess with that file till I get one again.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall ReLive drivers twice already, and it didn't work so far.

I don't get a TDR message or Display driver stopped responding message, it goes straight to the THREAD_STUCK BSoD.

Will report back later if I get one again.

25 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@ha14 I do have atikmdag.sys installed. The only problem is that guides mention a file named atikmdag.sy_ (not .sys, but .sy_, with an underscore) and I am afraid that using the file in C:AMD might cause problems.

I don't have CyberLink applications installed.

25 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@Aravi @ha14 I think that likely the only way to go is to do that expand command prompt process I see online a lot. However, I don't have a C:/ATI folder only C:/AMD and the file inside is not atikmdag.sy_ (with an underscore, like all guides say online) but atikmdag.sys (s instead of underscore).

Should I attempt the fix with these files?

25 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@Aravi @ha14 @voineaadi Sadly got yet another BSoD...again randomly like the others. This means that the cause is indeed what I've read online, it's likely that the installer somehow installs the atikmdag.sys file with wrong permission or something like that and that causes the BSoD. This time I got it upon finishing a match in Black Ops.

The fix which involves extracting the contents of the .sys file presumably in the AMD folder into the one in the System32 folder is the last thing I haven't tried, but I only have a file which doesn't have an underscore (.sy_) and all guides involving this method require that underscored file. Should I attempt the fix anyway with the file in the AMD folder?

26 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@voineaadi I used Driver Booster, uninstalled old drivers with DDU and reinstalled drivers with AMD auto detect installer.

I didn't get any BSoD-s today whatsoever. However I won't jump the gun and will report back later if I get any.

I wrote that I couldn't find .sy_ file because all guides utilizing this method say that this file is to be used.

Maybe manual install went incorrectly or I installed wrong drivers by accident but auto install version seems to be fine at the moment.

By the way, I am using the latest, updated version of the game and a genuine version on Steam.

26 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

Now I reinstalled the ReLive driver and ran Driver Booster, it updated all drivers including the sound driver which was pretty outdated. Will check if that fixes the issue but I don't think it will as it's the atikmdag.sys file giving me BSoD-s and it's the graphic card driver (the latest)...

26 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage


The only things I did not do from what you've suggested is 5 (updating drivers) as I thought that 16.9.2 was stable but I got a blackscreen with it yet again, and 6 (cleanup program) because when I used Wise Care 365 last time it sometimes felt that my computer actually slowed down instead of making it faster.

As for the sound issue it happened so far in Advanced Warfare only. I disabled Superfetch and and I don't remember the exact name of the other service but it was something like tactile keyboard or something and I got no sound bugs in Black Ops whatsoever.

Back to the original issue it seems like 16.9.2 doesn't cut it either, as it "moves" the black/blue screen to quitting a game instead of mid-game. However, I googled for the issue and I came up with this:

They say the first link did not help, but the latter :
Was followed by the original poster and they said it worked.

Now I wanna ask :
-Isn't it dangerous to mess with the .sys files like that?
-Why does AMD hardware require THIS to be done in the first place?
-Should I attempt to do it?

Maybe that is actually the issue, but I wonder why it happens mid-game or after game when I never reach temps above 52 celsius either (80 is the supposed danger zone)

Sad thing is I can't attempt the fix as I don't have atikmdag.sy_ file (yes, with an underscore)

26 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

@Aravi @ha14
I use Wise Game Booster everytime I run the games. Black Ops had issues that weren't my hardware but the config files, so it now runs 60 fps very well but got a random, THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER BSoD yet again, once again putting the atikmdag.sys file at fault.

As it happened with the ReLive drivers yet again I downgraded to 16.9.2, the last stable release I used. Will report back soon.

All the threads I see on the net say that it could be the video card or the PSU at fault too. However, is there any way to check PSU model without opening the computer case? I am not used to tinkering with the "insides" of machines as I am pretty clumsy :(

27 days ago
replied the topic Distorted sound mid-game created by MrOwnage

Well not getting enough power... I don't know... I don't think it should be that when I ran the computer without errors for almost an entire day to randomly get one in the evening... and I don't exactly remember the model inside either. Is there any way to check it without taking the computer apart?

Maybe I should revert to 16.9.2 if the issue happens again. Also will try to run games for a few days still, hopefully I won't get the BSOD again.

28 days ago
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