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Answers replied by MrDeng

replied the topic Would Donald Trump be a good President? created by oxygen 768 days ago

NO.I hate him.

replied the topic Why is it hard to say "NO"? created by kimi 774 days ago

Just think the bad consequence that you wouldn't meet,then you will be easier to say no.

replied the topic How to teach good character to your children? created by kidcrowd 774 days ago

Most importantly,you should become a good model for your children,tha's the best way to tech children,and last but not least ,read good books and watch good movies with your children,and teach them at the proper time.

replied the topic What is the secret of Japanese living longer? created by twoapple 775 days ago

Always making love

replied the topic Air pollution issue... created by rfbk 776 days ago

Sorry to hear that,but it is true .If we don't do something good for our air,there will be more people die because of air pollution every year.

replied the topic What job let you can travel the world? created by boyz 776 days ago

diplomatist ,are't they? They are cool and they can really travel the world.

replied the topic Which website do you use to book hotels? created by bike 776 days ago

I use FNE,for it is cheap and comfortable ,and you can play very happy with your wife or girlfriend ,you can do what you want to do. Here is the

replied the topic Why do you like to play pokemon created by thuan 776 days ago

You can get suprise from the game, you also can get some cute sprites from the game,the sprites are like your children, you like your children,so you like the game. So I like the game very much.

replied the topic How to create a rpg game on your smartphones? created by MaxRubin 776 days ago

Using a software named cocos2d-x, you can create any kind of games including rpg game with it.Cocos2d-x is simple to study ,you just read the API and documents on the official websites. I mayjor in software ,and I just crated a rpg game a few days ago with cocos2d-x.By the way ,cocos creator is good for you to create game too. Here is the website:

replied the topic My computer is really running slow created by nonejw 776 days ago

There was a time that my computer is so slow like yours ,I think may be my computer was infected with virus ,and I download some software to clean the virus ,but consequently my computer is also slow ,my computer is not cheap so I am very puzzled. Until the day that I reinstalled my computer system,my computer became quick as the first time I played with it . So I suggeste you reinstall your computer system,it is a good way.

replied the topic Blue screen Windows 10 created by fritte 776 days ago

If it is seldem for your computer to be blue screen, it is normal ,the causes may be that some softwares of your computer run crash,but if it is usual,I advise you to change your computer system ,you can choose win8 or win 7. As it is usual for your computer to be blue screen,it is very probably that your computer is not compatible to win10.

replied the topic Which one is good for health? Tea or Coffee? created by Donna 779 days ago

There is no doubt that tea is better for our health,because coffee has much more caffeine than tea.I used to drink coffee,but if I don't drink it for some days,I will feel bad.So I give up drinking coffee.However ,I drink tea now and feel really comfortable!

replied the topic How to get the date when a webpage was created? created by golden 779 days ago

It is the question about html ,the best way is to look at the code at the brower.

replied the topic What is the best brand of wireless router? created by outside 779 days ago

tender is good,I use it for four years,it is quick and stable.

replied the topic How to master Photoshop? created by outside 779 days ago

you can watch the project video,at the same time,you must practice,I master the ps by the way .

replied the topic Locked out of a phone purchased off the internet created by mik1488 779 days ago

just reset your phone system at the repair store,you will throw your problem

replied the topic Computer Generation created by abcman 779 days ago

intel core i7,the cpu is really cool and let you feel good when you work.

replied the topic What is the feeling of being a superstar? created by twoapple 779 days ago

Maybe feel like making love with your beloves.

replied the topic Why do you like to play pokemon created by valen 779 days ago

I like sprite and surprise,and pokemon has many sprites and suprise.

replied the topic Install program on Windows 10 created by sknanda 779 days ago

maybe the best way is to give up the win10

replied the topic Crashing browser every version of firefox created by pengie62 779 days ago

There are many kinds of browsers you can use ,for example ,google,maybe it will bring surprise to you.

replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp 779 days ago

The song: I could be the one
The singer:Donna lewis
The song is wonderful,however,I like one song from China,its name is 红颜--胡彦斌

replied the topic My Computer Has been acting up created by ZackDude13 779 days ago

Maybe you can change your computer system,or you can use some system software to refresh your computer ,for example:Advanced SystemCare
Here is the site for download:
Wish to help you!

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