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What is the easiest email client for multiple email account?√ answeredREWARD $1
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What is the best free php to make Online quiz?REWARD $1
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replied the topic No problem just a question created by Alphonsus


Yes...absolutely right

553 days ago
replied the topic I want to save a song from youtube. How do I do it? created by Casetes

My experience to download youtube music is using my android phone. The apk is TubeMate. Sorry, it's not available in Play Store, but here:

1. It gives many some options on screen video resolution we want, ex: 1920 X 1080 (MP4), 1280 X 720 (MP4), 854 X 480(MP4), 640 X 360 (MP4), 320 X 180 (MP4), 256 X 144 (MP4), 176 X 144 (3GP), AUDIO(M4A/AAC, 128k), AUDIO(OGG,128k), AUDIO(MP3,128k), and WEBM.

So, if you want to download the music audio only, choose Audio format you prefer.

2. It give ability to download play list. Just type in the search box for ex: Golden Memory Song Playlist. The apk, will download all the content of the playlist.

3. The interface is also user-friendly, similar to youtube apk. So, you can preview, skip timer bar, or go to next videos.

Hopefully, it helps you.

554 days ago
replied the topic Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? created by sandipguchait


I my self, use four browser in my laptop. In addition, My OS is Windows 7

1. I use Google Chrome. Since, it's very easy to be synchronized with my android phone. It has also ability to be transferred to other Google Chrome in different devices, such as; I can export the extentions, passwords saved to other PC. So, all the activities using Chrome in my Lapotop will be the same as I use it in my PC.

2. Firefox. I use firefox because it has ton of extentions, and add-ons. So, when I need some rare extentions or addons. I can use their legacy add-ons or Il-legacy (from other parties) add-ons.

3. UC Browser. It's based on chrome cores. It's also easy to be syncrhonized with android phone. Fast, Light, Video downloader is included. It uses the same Google Chrome's extentions.

4. Epic Browser, I use this to keep my privacy when browsing. It's a little bit slower but since the most concern of it is safety browsing, it's great browser when I want to browser some torrent sites. The VPN setting is also included from some countries. Video downloader is also available in Epic browser.

4. Maxthen Browser. It has built add-blocker and works great. It has also clouding browser, So the user can save all the history in clouding platform.

5. Tor Browser. I use this browser when I want to browse Dark Web. This is the only browser recommended to browse in Dark Web (As long as I know)

Finally, Every browser is good, it just depends on what are we going to do in browsing activities. Reading news, Watch movie, Downloading, or etc.

554 days ago
replied the topic What to do after the WannaCry attack? created by HannaM

I agree with MrOwnage, It's almost possible to open again your files normally, since they have 128 bits encryptions. Most of the software seems just to be a preventive and not curing. To cure your files again, the vendors need your original files (as backup) then they try to compare the original vs the infected. As long as you don't have any backing up before infected. It's almost impossible.

Anyway, I'd like to share you some tools as your reference from:

822 days ago
replied the topic What is the easiest email client for multiple email account? created by Misterheri

I tried reading postbox, mailbird and thunderbird. Finally, I came to conclusion on THUNDERBIRD. It's easy to set up and no need long time to understand the menu and features. Thanks for helping me... anyway. But, there is also other weakness ( in my opinion) It's slow down in downloading and displaying the emails. But, this is Ok.. my guest is perhaps because of my internet connection (Though, I have 2MB connection)

In conclusion, Thunderbird is pretty good as long as the users should have more patient waiting for completed downloading. Also, It doesn't work when I tried to set up in POP3 as shown in the pictures

822 days ago
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