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replied the topic How to get rid of edema? created by hollis

Hello @hollis

Except for this, you should drink plenty of water, there is another solution to your problem. Have you ever heard of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) ? Few people know what I'm talking about, because this supplement is unbeloved my the doctors. The reason.... ? It is due to its miracle effects that can replace every doctor and medicine. Here----->, this is the link where you can read and convince yourself about the benefits of it. Also, it is not expensive as the other medicine.


1175 days ago
replied the topic How long do we stay in love? created by shashirath

Hello @shashirath

Love is a strange science :)) It may take a long time to fall in love... It may take minutes to realise that you find the real love... BUT how long will the love remain, nobody knows. Еverything is relative, darling. Some people think that love remains 3 years, some believe that only the death can kill the love. It depends on the relationship;) It will be naive to consider the duration of love. The only thing that can be said is if it is real or not so.

P.S Don't let stereotypes confuse your mind. Find the love and let it be.

1209 days ago
replied the topic I eat little but feel full. Why? created by carlasss

Hi @carlasss

I used to have the same problems but it isn't a thing that can cause big problems. First of all, it depends on the season. In the winter, we all eat more because we move less, stay at home because of the bad weather and have a lot of celebrations. Consequently, our stomachs become bigger and it can take more food. As far as the summer season is concerned, our range of motion grows and we need more calories to feel replete with food. That's the logical explanation about eating through the seasons. In your situation, the stomach can be constantly crouching. Start with adding more food in your plate but not abruptly, it should be a slow process. (add for about 50-100gr per serving). For instance, boiled rice combined with water in your stomach can help, because it would swell. Another option is to fasten your metabolism, there are special herbal pills which contribute to visit the WC regularly. I can suppose that your stomach just keep back the food and that's why there is no place.
P.S DRINK a lot of water

1209 days ago
replied the topic Do you like indoor workout? created by jackyjacky

Hello @jackyjacky

Great to hear that more and more people are getting keen on indoor workouts. Sunny weather brings joy, good mood and super energy to do whatever you want. On the other hand, bad weather can motivate you. When you see the rain,dropping all over the street you can set your mind in a workout mood. For me, the bad weather can be a good factor to train because there won't be anybody outside....only you and your motivation.
P.S Don't let the moody weather influence on your workouts!

1210 days ago
replied the topic BDSM relationship created by Nur_iffah

Hello @Nur_iffah

First of all, Love doesn't have boundaries. Each of us has the right to choose how to live and love in her/his own way. But if it's the real love, you will feel it, I guarantee. You've asked about the existence of healthy relationships and.... And the answer is "YES". Everything in love is relatively but healthy relationship means----->> FREEDOM. Yes, darling, you have to feel like a bird, flying through the sky, above all the troubles. Another thing I could add from my experience in relationships is that love is built on common interests and humor. Definitely, your relationship will be healthy if you like to do same hobbies and do some stuff together. In that way, there is a minimal chance of getting tired of each other.

So-called BDSM is just an extra activities in the relationships. If you are open-minded people, searching for an adventurous thing to do in the bed this may be an option. BDSM can be far different from what is exposed in the Internet articles and pictures. It is not required to cause pain, that's bullsh*t. It's up to you, how you will experience this kind of еntertaiment.What to do with your bestie......? Just let it be :)) She made her choice and maybe she is having a lot of fun ;)
P.S Wish you finding the right person for you and feel the real love.

1211 days ago
replied the topic What are the must-do things in life? created by gifted

Hello @gifted

Let's start with the question: What is life?.
You live. You sleep. You work. And that daily routine will develop in you a robot, not a human. But hold on, life is full of chances and you should take them. Life is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so enjoy it completely. Things that are must-do: 1) Fell in love (this is the best feeling,you have to experience it), 2) DO something that frightens you (skydiving, bungee jump, etc.) 3) GO to a party (Big parties with a lot of alcohol and good music) 4) DO whatever you want that would raise the rate of adrenaline in your blood.

1224 days ago
replied the topic What is the best age to get married? created by twoapple

Hi @twoapple

There is no certain age you need to get married!! If you feel ready, you can marry at the age of 18 or 35, it doesn't matter really. For me, we first should have a stable job simply because, money is an obligatory tool for a marriage without financial problems. Recently, I've read an article about the marriages ,divorce and the statistic showed that more than 40% of the couples break up because of money's shortage. I advise you to assure your future firstly and then think of creating a family. Marriage is a big step of our lives, we should be careful and wise so that to make the right choice. Finally, I would like to say that, when you ready to connect spiritually with your partner you will feel it. This emotion...this feeling, it can't be confused.
P.S Don't be worried about these things, live your life and let the moment come to you at the right time and occasion!!

1224 days ago
replied the topic How to start a new life after being lovelorn? created by walker16

Hello @walker16

If someone told you it would be easy to get over a relationship, this is the biggest lie I've ever heard. But..... It is up to you how many times the wound would take to be rescued. Yeah, I know I hate the phrase "It is up to you; Only you can help yourself" so listen to my advice because I've been through this kind of sh*t recently. I may be rude but this is the ugly truth.TIP №1 When you're alone and nobody can hear you, ask yourself : "Is it worthy to fight for this love", "Do I really love her/him". In that way, there will be only you and your heart and the answers will be most sincerely.TIP №2 :Go to the gym (kickbox,karate or other sports) and give away all your negative energy. TIP №3: Listen to songs which are motivating, energising and give you good vibes. Believe me, music is always a good idea. TIP №4: Your schedule should be full of activities. For example, go out with friend for a cup of wine, (why not a whole bottle), go on a trip, visit some new place (your subconscious mind will be distract). All of these advices help me to start a new life, a life which works for ME :))))
P.S The worst thing you can do is to start complaining to your friends. Instead of this use your friends to escape the daily routine.
* Every human on this planet is twice stronger than he thinks.
GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!

1228 days ago
replied the topic Are you good at your second language? created by ross

Hello @ross

Probably you won't know about this small country Bulgaria, Europe but I came from there. My mother language is Bulgarian, it sounds like Russian language but its origin is older.In my high school, I've started learning English and German language. Of course, I was keener on English language because this is the most useful language in the world. So I became to encounter problems like mixing words from both languages and the grammar's misunderstandings. After realising that it is a very difficult task to learn to different languages at the same time, I decided to emphasise on English language and after that to deal with the German. For me, the BEST wayя to learn a language are: 1) Get familiarise with the grammar and lexical parts; 2) Put the learned into a practice (go to a country where the language is spoken, find some virtual friends to chat with in this language, watch movie, songs' lyrics, etc,)
P.S If you want to practise you language check a programme called "Erasmus" for people exchange. This is fun way to learn a second language and to explore cultures.

1230 days ago
replied the topic Whose concert do want to see most? created by edge

Hello @edge

I won't post a long list of my favourite performer simply because few of them can make me really enjoy their live concert. It is a fact that many pop, rock, r&b singers can't sing their songs as in their studio. The live concert has its risk and a few people would take it. Let's take for an example Beyonce, her concerts last 2-3 hours and she does her job flawlessly. With a lot of energetic dances, special effects, live singing , Beyonce show us how to do it. Of course, there are other performers as Rihanna, Katy Perry who do almost the same but for now, she is the best. I've been to her concert and the energy is supernatural. She gave me and emotion which I won't forget and going there was very worthy.

1230 days ago
replied the topic Is it possible to control our dream? created by minice

Hello @minice ,

Yes, you can! Before I experienced this kind of dreaming I was incredulous about it. After reading a book about this I was inclined to believe that so-called "Lucid Dreaming" is true. To experience a lucid dream you have to realise that you are dreaming. How to do this?? It's very simple but it would take some days : 1) draw something on your palm (flower, a figure etc), 2) through the days start to check your palm regularly, just watch it,so that it becomes a habit 4) repeat this action 4 or 5 days and when you dream you will check your palm because you got used to it and in the dream you palm will be cleaned, 5) in that way you will realise that you are dreaming.
P.S: It's very important to clear your mind and thought yourself that you can do it

1231 days ago
replied the topic How to make yourself dream less while sleeping? created by BTW

Before you will go to bed, spend some time on meditating. This includes relaxing music, nice smell of a lighted candle and of course full rest of your body and mind. In that way, you will clear your bad thoughts before sleep and open your mind for good ones. In addition, try to eat something fresh like a salad, plenty of fruits through the day so that your body could be detoxicated. Last but not least, it may sound strange but drinking water also affects your dream. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is determined by your body weight (if you weigh 65kg or more you have to drink minimum 2 liters). Good luck ! :))

1249 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite foreign food? created by 1633

Stuffed cabbage rolls (Sarma). A Serbian dish which is healthy and also could be mixed with a special sauce. If you are an admirer of minced meat, you will definitely love it at first taste.
Here is a link where you can see the recipe.

1325 days ago
replied the topic How gain Trust of someone? created by richkid

Hi @richkid
First of all, you have to be open-minded. What I mean is to share your secrets ,fears, ideas, even the most primary thoughts in order to predispose the person next to you. Don't be afraid if this doesn't work immediately. The border between the trust and losing it is very thin. As the matter of fact, the whole process of building trust is very difficult and long, you have to be very patient. Try this method and you will see the difference, I guarantee.
Good luck

1376 days ago
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