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replied the topic Can't turn on Windows Defender created by boyz

Paklize mate jiny anti virus napr.Avast,tak Vam Windows nepujde,jedine Avast nebo jiny anti virus musite odintalovat a Windows Defender Vam pujde a otevre se.

805 days ago
replied the topic Full virus/malware protection created by Victor2015

Iobit malware-super-pouzivam jiz dlouho.

805 days ago
replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong

Ruzova je nejhezci,nebo cervena,mam ji doma.

822 days ago
replied the topic Network Credentials created by kanga85

Dobry den,jestli mate avast,tak si zadejte celkove heslo na vse potrebne,co delate s pocitacem-heslo si zapamatujte a budete mit klid,jako ja-nemam problem.Mejte se.

831 days ago
replied the topic Which is better for doing morning exercise? Before or after breakfast? created by claire

Prece pred snidani

833 days ago
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