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replied the topic What would you eat when you don't want to eat anything? created by daybyday

A Self made Milk-Shake with, céréals, 2 bananas and the white of 3 egg's and SSSSSSSShake it!!!!! / 1 Liter Milk

1541 days ago
replied the topic What is currently your favorite song? created by notwise

Nothing compares to you from Sinéad O'Connor

1541 days ago
replied the topic Which artist, or band, has influenced music the most? created by TonyW50

Michael Jackson and Madonna!

1541 days ago
replied the topic Who is this in picture created by ZubZro

Man in Black?

1541 days ago
replied the topic Special question created by capybara

What's the weight of that thing that is falling in the first place!

1541 days ago
replied the topic Do you believe in love at first sight? created by Lisaly

Yes, but it's all about that second sight that is not what you've expected! Just like they say... "To good to be true" Like a fairytale! But It Can! Yes! Like winning the Lottery! It Can 1/1000.. :) First sight is more because "Love" makes people "blind to see" what's really inside! Can be a good person but also can be a false, bad person! That's what your second sight is telling you! ;)

1541 days ago
replied the topic Why Pokemon is most favorite game right now? created by milonsultan

Because it's stupid! Stupid games attract people and people like to do and look @ other people and do the same things... Because they think they are "Trendy" in times of today! ;) I don't like Pokémon game!

1541 days ago
replied the topic Why do you like to play pokemon created by thuan

That's a question I want to know the answer too! Hell yeh, Why?!

1541 days ago
replied the topic What do you like to do when you're bored? created by yanka457

I'am never bored! Otherwise, because of too many hobby's always running in Time! I like to search music on YouTube and I look pretty much at How to video's of Color Pencil technics, crochet amigurumi's, mixed media technics, diy, etc... and offcourse i try does things @ home! I search also pretty much some inspiration on Pinterest! I like Pinterest because there are always suggestions from your like's, Just an endless searching option and takes some time, handy time when you're bored especially! I paint a lot on Canvas with acryl and draw sometime, searching for nice vector images to draw, and especially to get in the mood, I start coloring in Adult Color Books! That helps me to think about a problem and get some answers while coloring because you think of the colors you use and otherwise you can think only on that problem without thinking a lot about other struggles in life... That works for me and takes some bored time into handy time! I call it...Quality-Time! ;)

1541 days ago
replied the topic WiseCleaner, CCleaner or IObit? created by yoursong

WiseCleaner off course! I've tried all 3!

1541 days ago
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