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replied the topic What is your most unforgettable food that you have eaten in other countries? created by colin

In Paris there is a place with huge stairs. Go down and then left. Somewhere there I ate pizza that made my year.
25 years ago :P

926 days ago
replied the topic Good Anime movie or series created by BlackFoot

Jaice and the Wheeled Warriors.
Battle of the Planets
Macron one

926 days ago
replied the topic I feel lonely, how should I do? created by hellen

I am a cat person. Never trust dog persons :D :D

So I would say: take a nice purry furry in tha house.

926 days ago
replied the topic What's the bravest thing you have ever done? created by superhero

Cold turkeyd an epic addiction ages ago.
It was a 3-day battle between body and soul.
3 days of shaking like it was Kelvin.
The soul won.

926 days ago
replied the topic What causes headache? created by AF

I got migraine headache in my childhood.
It's a few lvl's higher than the ones the rest knows. You just wanna die.

Now I am older I find that eating chocolates in overdrive can give me headaches the next day. (not always)

Same for nuts. (more often). Some nuts go better than other nuts. Over 5 walnuts for instance is a guarentee for a headache the next day for me. Only you can test what nuts go well for you and by what amount.

Booze can give headaches. (But only you know, when you've been 'tango'd' :P)

And finally storms. Difference in preasure in the air gives me headaches. Unescapabel ones. (diving deep under water does not seem to give me the same bad vibes)

Stress, hormones, violance, cold weather. No idea if these can also join the party.

I find that sex and sexual relief (nobody needed here :P) can kill headaches.

Other well tested (by myself :P ) headache killers are the quick working neurofen (paracetamol just give me clouds i my head when taken to battle headache), together with humming like a didgeridoo/mouthtoggle instrument or indian shaman in the showers sitting on a chair. Find the vibrations that echo in the shower and humm!! Not kidding here! Tested AND confirmed. IT WORKS! The vibrations in the skull let the pain go to a soothing sleep of bliss.... 10 minutes of boedhistic shamanistic didgeridoo OHMMMMMM!!!!!! humming or money back! Guerentee!! :D

Here are some examples of what to do when you hit the shower :D

The only thing that should feel embarrassed when you try this is the headache running away from you in less than 5!
To the rest laughing at you.....just nod and smile. Always nod to the mad and the ignorant. :D

926 days ago
replied the topic I eat little but feel full. Why? created by carlasss

If you sit whole day, your body does not give the call out for food. One can do by with just coffee/tea with (a little) sugar in it I hear it's not healthy, but I live like this for 20 years, and my arms have not yet fallen off, and I gained zero pounds. :P
People tell me sugar let's one gain weight. I got a machine that can give me weight numbers if I roll my body upon it telling me they speak untruthfully :D
I should have weighted over 30.000kg by their claims, but my body has got the steady weight of 113kg for over 20 years :D. (I am not a short person. :P)
My logic tells me that the suggar just leaves my body by peeing. My weight measure machine backs me up on this. Atoms got weight, and only if they stay my weight will increase. Maybe one only accepts this logic if one has studied at Lab High Schools like me :O. Other just listen to people in white jackets telling you sugar let's you increase in weight. I guess I just take excactly the same amount of sugar my body and brain activity consumes then...
I take cane sugar. It's sweet as knockouts, so you only need about less than half of the fabricated white sugar.
Maybe that's the trick.

Then my brains..... I guess schizophrenia's just consume a lot of energy for the brains. Like 50 billion GHz radio transmittors :D.

926 days ago
replied the topic Best Free Antivirus created by Tejendra

I used AVAST untill one day they descided to make a patch that freezes pc's. That was years ago. After slowing down my pc for over half a year I got rid of it. Thanking the Lord....
I used PANDA but one day I did a pc scan and it immediately attacked the WoW site that went down instantly for hours for all players. (very :D THAT was!).
AVG seems to let 2% of the virusses through, and slows pc down by 40% when going to sites :P

BitDefender has got tech that already detects virusses that have yet to be invented. How about that!
ANd it's got anti-hijack/anti-ransom software that kills access to folders by programs/outside sources unless you give the ok. You might wanna consider that. Getting popups on blue inlog screens telling you your pc will be whiped in 2 days unless you pay 300,- (and your bios not loading/unreachable+windows/cd's not an option) is NOT what you want to see.

926 days ago
replied the topic Best Free Antivirus created by Tejendra

This site is WELLknown to test all the big players. And by test I mean realy, really test.

seems AVIRA was indeed the right answer! :P

I use BitDefender (the paid one), cause it's nr 1 too and it's got a gaming mode. (meaning low resources spent while gaming) In gaming mode it get's 5/5 performance! (the 4/5 is when NOT using gaming mode :P :P )

926 days ago
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