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replied the topic Which translator translates better created by maybemaybe

For translate go to Microsoft Store and from this place choose Translator...
The best team for translating work here with Microsoft.
In setting you easy find any language translating teams work for you all free.Download and Instal on net at minutes.
In interface you see the setting team expand to:translaor: on Facebook,Twitter,web...
That is the better?In this questions we find answer in future technologic relises...Microsoft is the better now!

428 days ago
replied the topic Far Cry 3 has stopped working problem created by a454545

Reinstall game,delete all only keep Folder of you walktrought!

432 days ago
replied the topic Win 10 boot problem created by bbooker

Try the nearest diagnostic center!Usualy diagnostic free...Often blue screen is the bad connecting of hardware inside PCs!

435 days ago
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