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replied the topic Counting the days created by timetravler

Basically I think it is the end of our earth in terms of animals, environment, trees all the Organic life and a start for a new high end era

697 days ago
replied the topic Time travel in reel created by omarwa

Dont listen to them..

Basically if You really believe in this world Imagine if You could actually do it consciously because I believe humans can do way way more than just time travel :)

697 days ago
replied the topic What is your achieve in the 2016 created by selcinor

Hi my achieve is to become a higher and better version of my self at a steady pace without the governments dangerous traps and products :), and personally, my biggest most admirable achievements are when I learn about my self and my connection with the inner I. Believe me, you're always learning about earths gifts whether your consciousness can tell you or not, when truth is right infront of you that's what makes us believe and stay connected to god :)

697 days ago
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