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Where can I check online football matches results?REWARD $1
5 days ago, last commented by ilyamossss
World of Warcraft tutorials?REWARD $1
51 days ago, last commented by Wuveth
Where do you read football results and statistics?REWARD $1
58 days ago, last commented by termezo
Website monitoring service?5
134 days ago, last commented by mcshock
How to create a blog?REWARD $2
139 days ago, last commented by abdelrahman1
House movers reviewsREWARD $1
178 days ago, last commented by funnyjokes
Travel apps for planning vacationREWARD $1
194 days ago, last commented by Mattmyname
Mattress questionREWARD $1
204 days ago, last commented by Cezario
Presentation templatesREWARD $1
271 days ago, last commented by josephine

Answers recently replied by Lostmine

replied the topic Internet marketing blogs created by Wuveth

There are many types of marketing and different marketing strategies for different goals. So you should understand what exactly info do you need. For example our company now works with promotional products with to improve our brand. It is part of offline marketing. Also we use many online marketing methods like social medias, advertising, etc.

23 days ago
replied the topic What popular websites about football do you know? created by Wuveth

1. Dirty Tackle
Dirty Tackle promises football, culture and nonsense and delivers all three – well enough football and nonsense to tide you over at least – with plenty of video clips and rambling musings on the game to keep you entertained.

2. The Offside
A treasure trove of a site overflowing with blogs, opinion and humour with one of the broadest churches for a site of its kind as it encompasses news and views from all four corners of planet football. Stumbling in here can easily lead to the loss of a working day.

3. Midfield Dynamo
If you love a top 10, Midfield Dynamo – the self styled home of cult football – is the place for you. Plenty of fresh content, easily navigated and a bountiful archive of video clips, curiosities and light-hearted football knowledge to be discovered.

39 days ago
replied the topic World of Warcraft tutorials? created by Lostmine

Better will be some video tutorials:)

51 days ago
replied the topic Where to find reviews about software developing companies? created by termezo

Check Top10Devs website. There are many information about software development companies including size, location, industry focus, pricing, and project portfolio. Also there are real reviews from real clients, which give you a clear look into the internal processes and success of the developer's’ past projects. Here is a link

53 days ago
replied the topic What popular websites about hunting do you know? created by termezo

There are many such websites. I also recommend you to read different forums about hunting...As for me, I own an AR-15 and I like it a lot. Great rifle! I also got one of the scopes for it from ATN brand they provide really high quality devices with good possibilities.. Maybe this will be useful for you:)

60 days ago
replied the topic How much does it cost do develop mobile app? created by termezo

These factors play a very important role in the cost and time needed to develop the mobile application:

• The platform preferred by your target customers

• The product you are trying to sell

• The devices that need to be integrated to make the app responsive

• Free App or Paid

• In-app Purchases

• The role of visual design in the app’s interface

• The advertisements — third party or of your own product

Also this article will be useful for you

68 days ago
replied the topic What website design for restaurant will be the best? created by termezo

I think it depends on what exactly restaurant you have

80 days ago
replied the topic Online English courses? created by Wuveth

I can recommend to search native speaker teachers

81 days ago
replied the topic Online games for kids? created by Wuveth

Yes, I think it is not a problem. I allow to play almost any games

102 days ago
replied the topic Font advice please? created by Wuveth

Any of the default. Arial. Helvetica, etc.

I absolutely hate the trend of using random fonts, and Google fonts is auto blocked on my network. The idea of forcing people to download a useless font drives me nuts. Yeah, it's small. But to what end? I see all downside and no upside to embedding fonts in a page.

125 days ago
replied the topic COM port testing software created by Wuveth

Very good software for this purpose is Serial Port Tester. It is a utility for monitoring and analyzing activity of serial ports. It displays, logs and analyzes all serial port activity in a system. Also you can do such thing like monitor multiple ports at a time, simulate sending data to serial ports, view data in a convenient way, etc. Here you can try it com port tester

133 days ago
replied the topic Domain and host advice? created by termezo

Good question! I also need to find good hosting for my new blog about bowling(it is my hobby). I created it on Wordpress, by using Sportex theme and want to launch it in internet.

141 days ago
replied the topic What online games do you prefer? created by Wuveth

PUBG, Dota 1,2, Counter-Strike 1.6, GO

149 days ago
replied the topic News about celebrities created by Wuveth

I like to read Compareceleb, it is quite interesting resource where you can find information about celebrities and compare them one to each other. For example here is a page about Omari Hardwick he is an American actor, producer and poet. Very entertaining)

166 days ago
replied the topic Car/racing games created by Wuveth

Do you want to play in browser?

176 days ago
replied the topic What's some good games for a young child can you recommend? created by termezo

I can recommend Fairy Tales for Clever Kids for iPhone. Your child can play in it in any place at any time. Here is a link in app store

179 days ago
replied the topic Hotel booking through internet created by Cezario

You can choose hotel and use it website to contact administration or to book it. For example we were at Seychelles in hotel Savoy 5*. The location of the hotel is very good, beach is super! Sleep quality and hotel staff is very very nice. Breakfast is very good. There is a pool and spa in the hotel that are very very good! I booked the room at it is their website.

195 days ago
replied the topic How to launch an interactive TV service? created by Cezario

For this purpose you need to contact the company that specializes in the development of equipment and support for IPTV services. They will help you. Look at Magic solution offer from Infomir company it is special service that helps to create a full featured IPTV or OTT project. They have great TV platform and modern MAG Set-Top Boxes(for example this is good device

195 days ago
replied the topic Search auto part by code created by termezo

Try to use different websites and online shops

226 days ago
replied the topic Car seat reviews created by Wuveth

I don't recommend to save money on this. But even popular brands can have some problems like wear and tear issues, metal parts coming loose, choking hazards, expired parts. Here is recall information I recommend to read it. Also on this blog there are many info, reviews and guides about car seats.

232 days ago
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