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replied the topic Favorite ball player created by benchichya

I think prevent goals is more important than making goals. therefore my favourite player is by far Jerome Boateng!

841 days ago
replied the topic Atheism problema created by adolfhuhu

it really depends. i believe that all nature is god, we are all connected. do you count that as a god? we are actively destroying what made us, do we destroy god now? tricky question...

841 days ago
replied the topic Euask users in Indonesia created by Yaseko

this is the internet. if you want to ask people of indonesia get out of your house...

841 days ago
replied the topic Residtry Cleaner created by JLMullins

Use different Registry Cleaner. For me the combination of ccleaner and wise registry cleaner does the job.

841 days ago
replied the topic Dvd-kombi-gerät wird nicht erkannt created by pepepa

Lässt sich das Laufwerk im BIOS finden? Wenn nicht ist es entweder falsch angeschlossen oder defekt. Wenn es noch kein SATA Laufwerk ist, ist die Chance eines Kabeldefektes recht hoch, da die alten ATA Kabel mit der Zeit sehr anfällig werden. Letztlich kostet ein DVD Laufwerk um die 20€, es empfiehlt sich der Wechsel auf ein neues SATA Laufwerk.

853 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite musical movie? created by BTW

School of Rock. Definitely.

853 days ago
replied the topic Who is the best candidate in the U.S. presidential election? created by Elderwand8

neither of the both

853 days ago
replied the topic Help need medical advice created by youngs6

Go see a doctor asap. if he wants to treat you with opiates or other hard drugs ask for a cannabis prescription. at the dispensary ask for indica cannabis.

853 days ago
replied the topic Using browser to download youtube created by wuneyes

jDownloader2! The best downloader for youtube.

854 days ago
replied the topic How to fall asleep fast? created by nanna

Noise cancelling headphones. They really makes any noise disappear!!!

854 days ago
replied the topic Best downloder of the world to download the movies is one click created by awadhesh

jDownloader!!! The only one i used in years, tried a few others, always came back. Best for filehoster and youtube! With youtube you can decide which audio/video quality and you also can just download audio.

854 days ago
replied the topic What are the must-watch events in the Olympic games? created by walcott

For men surely women indoor/beach volleyball and women rugby. I prefer indoor volleyball because it enhances your fantasy where beach volleyball is just somehow inyaface. For women clearly diving. :D
Away from this quite sexist point of view it depends on what sports you like. I like to watch football, athletics, cycling, gymnastics and tennis.

854 days ago
replied the topic I need to sleep ! How I can ? created by MickelMalik

Depending on where you are originated you should look out for a cannabis dispensary and try to get some good indica marijuana or at least cbd oil! The legal use of cannabis as medicine is growing around the world and the only side effects are making you happy ;-)

854 days ago
replied the topic Laptop findet USB-Wechselfestplatte nicht mehr created by Bine485

Kannst Du die Frage dann bitte als beantwortet markieren?

854 days ago
replied the topic Best place to live? created by MianhaeX

I think your heart knows, when you find the right place to live, because you have to find that place in yourself.

When you watch people leaving "home" to build up something better they struggle everywhere with either the same or completely different problems. But they struggle as they have been struggling before.

854 days ago
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