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replied the topic What do you think is the best rap song of 2015? created by Nelson1962

yes. hotline bling is hot in charts

1082 days ago
replied the topic antivirus created by catter

I have been using Norton for 3 years, works pretty fine for me.

1195 days ago
replied the topic Upgrade intel i5 to the intel i7? created by WalterWhite

First, it depends on the socket you have. The 1150 socket can for sure, but i5's come in 4 different socket types. i7's come in 4 different socket types.

The next thing you need to do is make sure your motherboard can support it. Usually all you need is a BIOS upgrade, but the latest i7s may still be too new for some motherboards. One way to do that is to check the manufacture's website for your motherboard, it will list compatible processors.

I don't know the specifics of Intel socket compatibility but I know it's easy to get the wrong part and waste a lot of money returning it.

1195 days ago
replied the topic Can i have SSD and HDD on my computer at the same time? created by Leehom

If i install my OS on SSD and keep my files on SATA . Will this work
Is it a good idea?

1212 days ago
replied the topic Any Game of Thrones fans here? created by Urban

Game of Thrones has made it clear that it isn't strictly following the books. In fact, it's already started jumping around a bit. While the TV series has taken some creative liberties, the overall story structure has remained the same. Because of this, we're hesitant to enter into Season 5, which we assume will pick up with the fourth book, A Feast for Crows.

It's widely agreed that A Feast for Crows is more of a downer in the series for multiple reasons, which we outline below. Of course, the fifth book brings it back in full force, so fear not, Game of Thrones fans. But there is a very real possibility the next season in the show will be kind of rough compared to the awesomeness of Season 4.

Need more Joffrey moments? How about some fake ones from these spoofs? >>
WARNING: While this article doesn't go into the gritty detail about the events in Book 4, it does contain some spoilers about what's to come if the show follows the novels. Do not read unless you want to know what's ahead on Game of Thrones.

1. Not chronological
The thing about the fourth and fifth books, like a lot of the Song of Ice and Fire series, is that they aren't chronological. They're more character- and location-focused. So, while you see events unfold for certain characters, other characters are left out completely. We're not quite sure how the show is going to handle this decision by George R. R. Martin, since the Game of Thrones series is generally chronological. We're assuming Season 5 will be the same.

2. Not as much action
Forget giant battles at The Wall and huge sieges at King's Landing. The stuff with Brienne gets pretty intense, but otherwise, the battles kind of die down in the fourth book.

Gasp-worthy Game of Thrones Season 4 spoilers from the books >>
3. Lots of new faces
Doran Martell, Arys Oakheart and Arianne Martell all enter the scene with Cersei's daughter Myrcella Baratheon in their care. It isn't until the end of the book that we really feel invested in their presence in the series, so we're not sure how the show is going to incorporate them when the other characters are already so beloved.

4. No more Joffrey hating
He was the king we all loved to hate. And, sure, watching him finally get what he deserved was well worth the wait. But admit it: You kind of miss him now. All those incredible memes floating around the internet just aren't as satisfying as experiencing the actions that spur the online conversations each week during the show.

5. The disappearance of Tyrion
Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is smuggled out of King's Landing and not heard from in the fourth book. We don't have any chapters from him for the first time in the series, and the heavy cloud of what has happened to him is a black spot over A Feast for Crows.

6. Arya gets mystic
Arya starts an independent quest of her own that takes her to an unexpected place. She is removed from the action of the outside world and is forced to focus inward in the fourth book. It's good growth for her character, but not the most exciting sequence of events in the world of Westeros.

15 Best moments from the 15-minute Game of Thrones trailer >>
7. Lots of Cersei being Cersei
Now that Tywin is dead, Cersei (Lena Headey) is living it up, exercising her rights over King's Landing and, frankly, not doing a very good job of it all. Even Jaime resents her.

8. No Dany
Like, literally. No Dany. Our favorite heroine is off building her empire, and we see none of it. Of course, the fifth book is called A Dance With Dragons, so let's assume Martin makes it up to us. But life is rough without Daenerys.

9. Rise of the Greyjoys
There is just something so annoying about the Greyjoys. They're those people who are so set in their ways, they're blind to the reality of everything around them. It's infuriating. And we have to read through their character chapters front and center in the fourth book. If only characters could actually hear you when you yell at the pages.

10. Relationships die
Thanks to all the deaths in the Season 4 finale, a lot of the relationships we loved watching week after week are now gone for good. Take Arya and the Hound, for example. Or Tyrion and Shae. Tywin is no longer around to stand in Cersei's way, and Ygritte isn't out there to tempt Jon Snow. Change is scary.

1254 days ago
replied the topic What breed dog lives longest? created by NickPinkman

Small dog breeds live longest. Large dog breeds require more *effort* and energy to provide their big body and their organism runs out of fuel a lot more easily than it does in small dogs, so they die earlier. Certainly, it's not something to take for granted because I know a lot of GSDs,Rotts and Dogos owned by friends of mine, than lived from 14-16.5 years no matter how big they were. But, generally small dog breeds can live even up to 17 or 18 years. The world record is an Australian Cattle dog that lived 29 years and 9 months. Unbelievable!

1254 days ago
replied the topic My electric bill tripled?!? created by Arther

Different locations have different rates. When I moved from an apartment to a privately owned house, I used the same exact electronics - I moved my stuff with me, so I know my usage was the same. In the apartment, I even had two window a/c units that ran a lot because I was on the top floor, while in the house, I had no a/c and just opened windows. My electric bill more than tripled from the apartment to the house. I unplugged everything in the house except the refrig, and plugged in lights and TV only when I was watching (unlike the apartment, where things were on all the time, including TV, microwave, etc.) and the bill in the house was still at least triple the amount. They charge more for houses, etc., because there are subsidies built in, and higher rates. 
I had this same thing happen to me again, years later, when I again moved from an apartment to a house, and again the costs more than tripled. It is a shame. The electric co. won't tell you this, though.

1261 days ago
replied the topic Wise Cleaner does not work. created by shockadoo

Do yo mean System Tuneup? Every part has several features, which one do you mean exactly?

1317 days ago
replied the topic Any solid advice on recover the deleted files? created by AddisonLee

You can refer to this video on how to get these files back:

1317 days ago
replied the topic Effective tips to make your Windows PC run faster created by AddisonLee

Nice video, a thumbs up for you!

1386 days ago
replied the topic Sound issues on Windows 8.1 created by DjangoUnchained

Method 1: First, lets check for the process that is causing CPU usage. You can find out using Windows Task Manager:
• Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open Task Manager.
• Check for the process that is taking high usage and end the high CPU usage tasks.
Method 2: Try the steps in the following Microsoft Help article and check if it helps to troubleshoot the sound issue on the computer.
No sound in Windows
Method 2 Uninstall the Sound, video and game controller drivers and then install from manufacturer’s website and check.

Step 1: Steps to uninstall drivers:

1. Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager.
2. Search for Sound, video and game controller drivers and expand it.
3. Right click on the driver mentioned there and select Uninstall.
4. Follow the onscreen steps.

Step 2: Reinstall the drivers from the manufacturer’s website download and install the drivers from the following link.

1488 days ago
replied the topic Hidden file taking up 70Gb of disk space, created by MichaleBurrows

If your computer is running normal with no problems do this: right click (C:) click Disk Cleanup, wait...... click More Options, click Clean up for System Restore and Shadow Copies. Now check Free Space.

1499 days ago
replied the topic Laptop Wont use nVidia GPU for games created by NickPinkman

I don't know what kind of system you're running, but I was able to clean up some of my graphics issues on my laptop running Intel HD Graphics 4600 integrated and Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M dedicated by downgrading my Intel drivers to
I tried it and was able to several of my MMOs to run. Hope this helps someone else.

1499 days ago
replied the topic Windows 8 vs VISTA created by Leehom

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

1500 days ago
replied the topic I can't drag or drop files anymore in windows 7 (64 bit) created by Chris

This sounds too simple to work, but it worked for me:

1) Find an affected icon.
2) Click and HOLD the icon with the Left mouse button.
3) Press Esc while holding the Left mouse button.

That's it! This was driving me crazy. It had nothing to do with registry entries or anything else. Simply a failed Drag & Drop operation that hadn't exited. Even restarting had only worked temporarily, so I suspect my Esc key may have been stuck down or at least the system thought it was!

1500 days ago
replied the topic How to enable touch screen on Windows 8 computer? created by Nelson1962

If the computer has the features for touch screen computer and you want enable it you may try the steps in the article and check.
a. Press Winkey + Q.
b. Type Control Panel.
c. Go to Hardware and Sound.
d. Click on Pen and touch.
e. Click the touch tab.
f. Enable use your finger as an input.

You may refer the link for additional information.

Touch: swipe, tap, and beyond

1500 days ago
replied the topic Why are Windows Store Apps Automatically Minimizing? created by Itellyou

It sounds like your current user profile may have become corrupted.
How to fix corrupt user profile in windows 8?
Fix a corrupted user profile
Fix a corrupted user profile
811151 - How to Copy User Data to a New User Profile

How to test integrity of user profile?

Hope these articles above can be of help.

1501 days ago
replied the topic Windows 7 Wireless networking - keeps returning profiles I delete created by PaulSharon

From your post I understand that after deleting wireless networks, it keeps reappearing and you want to get rid of the wireless networks, is that right?
Are you able to connect to the internet via the wireless connection otherwise?

Instead of removing individual unwanted connections, let’s remove all the wireless networks listed and then reboot the computer and try connecting to verify if that fixes the issue.

Follow the steps mentioned below to help resolve the issue.

1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
2. Open Network and Sharing Center.
3. Click Manage Wireless Networks.
4. Remove all wireless network listed in this list.
5. Restart computer and reconnect to your wireless network.

Additionally you may uninstall and re-install wireless network adapter from Device Manager to be on a safer side.

To uninstall the wireless connection from Device Manager,

1. Click Start, type Device Manager in the Start search box and hit Enter.
2. Locate Network adapters and expand the same.
3. Select the wireless connection, right-click and select Uninstall.
4. Restart the computer, if prompted.

Drivers should get installed automatically after restarting the computer.

Now, you may install the latest wireless drivers and check if that fixes the issue.

If you're facing issues connecting to a wireless network, I'd recommend updating the firmware of your router as well as updating your wireless network adapter's drivers.

The majority of connection problems within Windows 7 have been solved by installing the latest driver for the wireless network adapter obtained from the manufacturer. Download and install the Windows 7 compatible drivers and check if the issue gets fixed.

1501 days ago
replied the topic Unable to connect to Windows Store when using a particular WiFi Connection created by Link

I suppose you have the corrupted/damaged system files on the computer, so, I would suggest you to run an SFC Scan and check the status of the issue.

Run an SFC Scan

The “sfc /scannow” command scans all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.

a) Press “Windows Logo” + “X” keys on the keyboard and select “Command Prompt (Admin)” from that menu.
b) On the command prompt window, type the following command, and then press “Enter”

sfc /scannow

c) Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the scan.

For more information, you may refer to the article given below:

Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

If the SFC Scan fails to repair the corrupted system files on the computer in the first instances, then you may try running it again for multiple times and check if that help.

1505 days ago
replied the topic Brightness control does not work created by Leehom

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your advice, it is working! Good day!

1507 days ago
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