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replied the topic Will you buy Samsung phone in the future? created by finefin

No, I won't buy it anymore. Let alone the firing issue, the screen is easy to be broken. I much prefer Huawei, I once watched some videos about the tests, Huawei's mobile devices never let me down. Even pressed by car's door or the escalator, the screen can still be used. And its quick charger is awesome. What's more, the design and the camera of Huawei's products are pretty cool. Never buy Samsung phone in the future.

737 days ago
replied the topic USB Connection with Android and PC HELP created by earlpeter12

I sometimes encounter such problems and even worse, when the mobile connected, it would suddenly disconnect with no reason. So I was fed up with such connecting way and try to use a wireless connection. I think you should do that too. I am using AirMore - a free and web-based app which is secure and convenient. You can have a try -

739 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your time on bus or tube? created by Tadakii

Sleep and listen to the music

739 days ago
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