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replied the topic Help to choose the best idea for my party! created by saasshhhaa

4. Banannas
6. Pineapple
7. Cherries
3. Strawberries
5. Orange Slices
6. Lady Fingers
take thes above this to have a basic dessert for everyone, so i think...

19. Kiwi "very interesting"
52. melone "this will makes happy".
28. Cinnamon Twists

1721 days ago
replied the topic Control my PC from college created by HatsuneMiku

Try it with Teamviewer (
you can control your computer at home, just start this application on your college computer..

1721 days ago
replied the topic How much RAM does your computer have? created by bling

I recommend to have 8 GB as gamer more is not needed!
but as Server Hoster or Developer and 3D artist will I recommend 16 GB - 32 GB with i7 devils canyon and a good graphics card gtx 980 ichill

i have 16 GB, beacause i Develop and do 3D

1728 days ago
replied the topic Calculator on Windows doesn't work created by finefin

maybe a virus / trojan thats inject into the Calc.exe and block it
or maybe windows 10 got a error
or your RAM IS DAMAGED that makes FILES CORRUPT ! try memtest

reinstall your windows 10
*repairing or resets affecting your PC health and performance.

I recommend reinstall your PC.

1729 days ago
replied the topic Cloud service and security created by jackyjacky

I think to store your digital data local at home its more secured at all, use a local Computer / Server !

Cloud Servers may secured too but i think they can sell your informations as well
i don't trust :)

1730 days ago
replied the topic 桌面選取窗格變成虛線,無法看清楚。 created by eric930501

Desktop are empty when you start the computer?

1731 days ago
replied the topic How to get more space for iPhone? created by AF

I found somthing here !

18 ways How to make space on your iPhone

How to Get More Space on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Delete not needed files or backup it on a Computer

1731 days ago
replied the topic ram of computer hp compact created by omarwa79

sounds like your run a system on 32 bits....

try some windows with 64 bits, this will help you to get more then 3.5 GB RAM

memory tests only when bluescreens appers with MEMORY_ERROR or similar exception...

1731 days ago
replied the topic Crysis and Far Cry 3 created by HatsuneMiku

Crysis and Farcry got the same Producers and same engine named CryEngine..

It's 1st Person,
the Video that @ha14 was posted is the same game but modified !

to get the 3th Person view just follow the Video description!

Here is an review from the Game:

1731 days ago
replied the topic Wise Program Uninstaller created by Cataloi


1. Just download the newest version from official website and install it over the old

2. Open Task-Manager kill all Wise processes, after that switch to autorun tab and disable al Wise applications and restart your computer, reinstall Wise download it from official website

1731 days ago
replied the topic Who is your favorite Hollywood star? created by minice

For me, the best movies there are from Transformers row with "Shia LaBeouf" (Sam Witwicky).

1731 days ago
replied the topic How to cut audio from a video? created by bling

Try download Sony Vegas test-Version and delete Video line save your Sound as mp3

here i found a Video ->

1732 days ago
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