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replied the topic Recovery of losts files created by mondy

You say it was destroyed. If it was physically damaged, then recovery is unlikely.
Example--- you smashed the drive.

306 days ago
replied the topic Is it possible to recover 3 years old data from hard disk? created by christine

Agreed. Three years old...if you've been using it regularly, the new data may have overwritten the old data.
Does depend on the size of the drive and how much of that size was used up already.

306 days ago
replied the topic Can I recover data from an SSD? created by Carlos

Assuming you have not written anything new to the drive, try running FILERECOVERY.
Try it in evaluation mode first, to see if it can "see" the files you are trying to recover.

If this happens to be an external SSD, this program will also work.

306 days ago
replied the topic Best Recovery Application created by a454545

If you want a program that can recover data from a number of different devices, whether they be hard drive, flash drive or such, then try FILERECOVERY.
It's available for either Windows or Mac.

306 days ago
replied the topic Can I recover deleted data from an SSD? created by PaulSharon

If the data is on an external SSD, give RescuePRO for SSD's a try.
Run it in evaluation mode first to see if it can find the files you are looking for.

If, on the other hand, you are needing to recover from an internal SSD, then try FILERECOVERY.
Same process here, use it in eval mode first.

Best of luck!

306 days ago
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