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replied the topic Best SQL injector for Windows? created by G33kpaine

Dont do it script kiddie. if you have to ask and acctually do something. your caught

915 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most friendly country in the world? created by bootup

The USA is sadly. unless you have no morals. if your a moral less idiot then its probly sweaden and canada. if your just stupid it would be a spanish or asian country. stay informed

917 days ago
replied the topic Where to go when you want to relax? created by zch098

1. dont listen to any of the above answers. 2 learn survival skills. plan and begin construstion before you move. stock up on mre type packaged foods. buy land on like alaska or some place and build a house. you will have to hunt and farm if you dont want government poisoned foods

917 days ago
replied the topic What are you saving your money for? created by finefin

The barakalypse. if your not then your stupid as hell and will die

919 days ago
replied the topic How to deal with people who don't reply to your message? created by nycc

i didnt read the comments. just wondering if anyone in modern day realises social media and online games are mind control traps and a real friend calls you often to atleast check up, dosent encourage drug use, and is smart and has your back vise versa. thanks for reading.

919 days ago
replied the topic How to make my brother quit Internet? created by bling

correction. there is everything wrong with the modern state of the internet. no one has morals anymore. they are for "christians" or "13 year olds" and sociaty sees them as idiots. case and point. Whats wrong with you people??!?!?! anyone have self control? id hate to see if our power grid went out! if "you cant" is the mind set behind you people then 1 humanity is lost and 2 you all are dormant savages. this is why sociaty is so fucking stupid today lol

919 days ago
replied the topic Cheater on the Prowl created by Conikay

first, getting back with a sleeze was your first mistake. well i take that back. where the hell did you meet these "men"? in a bar or some porn site? ffs they sound like they should be beaten to death! second, just leave the faggot.. just leave the freaking faggot. wether it makes you lonely or not. i think you've had enought to deal with and should rest m8. what a fucking sick bastard.

919 days ago
replied the topic Learning Hacking is legal or not? created by thiyagarajan56

Hacking is legal with Auth from the people your "hacking". cracking is legal Looking through these responses are cringe worthy. ok learning hacking isn NOT illegal. testing hacking is only legal when you have permission. there are sites people make specifically for hacking. in the end Hacking isnt illegal nor is it illegal to learn. it will take a VERY long time to learn, you require MANY script languages and if you cant find a few dozen ways to get into something and atleast an extra dozen ways that are not publicly known then stop now lol. hackers are born, script kiddies are made

922 days ago
replied the topic Which is better a pc or an apple computer ? created by sab2925

PC is the best but only w7 and before. apple became crap after the first product. low quality at high price

923 days ago
replied the topic IMac is uncharted territory for me, Is upgrading the Ram or adding more memory in an IMac the same as upgrading it on a windows machine? created by Zemeto

Dont get an apple laptop. #ExpensiveJunk. it runs on linux but its like a shit version of what linux could be, it is popular because alot of people dont have good quality standards anymore

923 days ago
replied the topic Is Cortana useful? created by hanabi

its spyware and bloat ware for thoes who know what a computer is

923 days ago
replied the topic Windows 8.1 or windows 10 ? created by Frach

Bull crap. both are awful, buggy, crappy spywear

923 days ago
replied the topic Which is better a pc or an apple computer ? created by sab2925

Just get a windows 7 laptop. apple is expensive junk. mac runs on linux so if you dont know desent python this its not good for you. alot of mistakes people made. anything past windows 7 is bad and will be buggy, crash alot. i rec a cheep windows 7 pro laptop for about a hundred bucks

923 days ago
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