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replied the topic ATTENCTION EVERYONE, WE HAVE A SCAMMER ON THIS SITE (INFO BELOW) created by my_asylum

I know we just met but can I ram this into your backside? Because I trust you and love you under God as well..

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replied the topic Any one know what this File extention is.? 2b750e9f523a1ca7d98bb66e0a19ea0e.exe created by cyclestart

This is, for muchly certainance, how Microsoft names most of their files that they use in their (automatic or otherwise) updates. You'll find that the folders are also named in this (gibberishness) manner. Why they can't use a name like "ThisUpdatesthefile-updatablefile.dll.exe" I can't guess (you can be sure they have a name/translation program built into their machines - or a little paragraph pops up explaining the file). I'm sure there's a bunch at MS laughing when they think of the confusion and space-waste it causes.
They cause no problem, except to take up space. I've let the Wise utility take care of these without any problem. They are, after all, for a one-time use and never called upon again.

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