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replied the topic Big problem with labtop battry created by lybwrsh

There may be two problems. i.e Software or Hardware
If it is Software, then
Go to task manager see if there is much more processes running than usual. Stop the processes that you no longer need. Try running windows in Power saving mode. See power options of your Lappy for more info.
If it is hardware related
Battery boosting should be done if possible. It is done externally. If not then check the output volt. of your battery and input voltage of your laptop's battery charging pins. Try charging your laptop battery externally via required adapter. If it is still not resolved. Try changing with a new battery or use your laptop with charger adapter plugged in.

392 days ago
replied the topic My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space created by baladox

You can manually do it as you know what is taking up the space.
Otherwise softwares like WiseCare, CCleaner(Dont download until a stable patch is released) etc would be helpful to wipe out extra space
If you think you need to fasten up. Upgrading OS is suggested.
And firstly Driver cant be full It must be your drive

442 days ago
replied the topic Screen shot on laptop.... created by rehan05

Either you can use the inbuilt screenshot taking tool i.e. Snipping Tool
Or you can press windows button and Prt. Scrn button simulteneously to get it
Pictures are in C:\Users\X\Pictures\Screenshots

447 days ago
replied the topic Best topic for create a blog? created by AAA1992

As you know there's a tech revolution is happening throughout the world making blogs on Security and AVs, Android Developing and Custom ROMs, Customization of PC, Bitcoin Mining and Product reviewing is now are the current trending so making blogs in these sections could be better. And as of the topics Best Android Software of this month, Best Security software pros and cons. , Darkweb and its in and outs, Reviewing a Product etc.
You should also think of yourself in which topic you can do well at and that will be best topic for a blog.

447 days ago
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