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replied the topic Gift ideas for St. Valentine's Day created by AlexBMW

I think as a boy you need to give your girl friend on a Valentine's day a rose flower or heart of love

334 days ago
replied the topic Gambling addiction created by AlexBMW

there are several ways to help an addicted person. firstly ensure the person sees reasons to why he/she should stop addiction. 2. ensure addicted person's mind is made up to be changed. 3. get those things he/ she is addicted with closer to him. 4. suffer him with it sooner or later he disease from it

334 days ago
replied the topic Do you know some creative ideas from healthcare mobile app? created by termezo

watch what you eat., make sure you more vegetables, adequate fruits and enough rest and ensure you visit your doctor for medical check-up

334 days ago
replied the topic Need your help in my problem! created by hey_trey

you need to relax ur brain. take a break and get a coolingtant like a fan, fresh air

334 days ago
replied the topic My laptoo my android created by abiodun

check if your cable is properly connected to the laptop

334 days ago
replied the topic What is the last book of the Bible? created by sam18


334 days ago
replied the topic its occurrence at this point in history? created by gabber

phrase is an incomplete sentence. it has no verb

334 days ago
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