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replied the topic my dog hurts leg. help created by PhantomLancer

There is a plethora of things that could be - a veterinarian is qualified to diagnose then treat whatever is occurring. First try to isolate where the pain is coming from. Start with the paws - make sure the pads are in good shape and there is no debris between the toes. Then work your way up - look and feel for anything our of the ordinary and make sure there is symmetry between the limbs. Using light to moderate pressure - feel for tender spots. Your pooch could have an abscess, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or just strained a muscle playing.

1018 days ago
replied the topic How to start a conversation with a stranger. created by Ann

Remember to show confidence in yourself - stand/sit tall with your shoulders back and head up - make eye contact and smiles are always nice :) Don't be afraid to introduce yourself - an easy ice breaker is "Hello! My name is ______." You then could ask what the stranger's name is if they have not offered it already. Then ask a general question that can't be answered with yes or no to encourage dialogue. Listen to the other person and conversation queues will become apparent. Have fun and relax - most people are happy to have someone to speak to.

1018 days ago
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