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Be kind to one another : }5
731 days ago
What can I do for a repair my PC !REWARD $2
803 days ago, last commented by Adot
How to fix my pc√ answeredREWARD $2
821 days ago, last commented by Jazzman
Wise 365 and how does screenshot workREWARD $2
892 days ago, last commented by healthsafe
How is it betterREWARD $2
900 days ago, last commented by MAKEROFMONY2

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replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11

My Mom self explanatory....

698 days ago
replied the topic How to fix my pc created by Jazzman

I want to thank all you guys that has replied to me about fixing my pc it is to old to get windows 10 wish I could get it but when this one dies I will be forced to get a new one I really like all your answers If I had lots of money I would love to give you guys a bit of right now I am in a bit of a pinch for money I am on fix in come but when things change I will be happy to give each and everyone that has replied to this question....

( God Bless All )

730 days ago
replied the topic What danger Masturbation cause to the health created by selcinor

Yes I think I have a problem with @ Selcinor Answer Yes some of the statements are probably true but like anything you do in life there is a time place and age of maturity for it some adolescents there little minds have progressed more than maybe they should have and some adult also and must be taught that there is a time for this perfectly normal act of life that (God Gave Us) Fortunately time has changed to the better for the little guys Yes I will always speak out for them because in there mind I think it something that feel that they can't explain It could definitely be unhealthy for them to start to young it would be a problem for there mind not as much for the adult that is dealing with them I know that some adults take it to the limit that is there adult right but to belittle a child with that problem should be dealt with in the right manner I don't think that was being said in the statement that was given it's more intelligent answer than mine but in the long run it normal...

759 days ago
replied the topic My computer is really running slow created by nonejw

some time you have to many programs running at one time and try to delete all your cookies some time that will speed it up good luck....

803 days ago
replied the topic How to fix my pc created by Jazzman

Thank all you guy for replying to my question If I had it my way all would have the best answers cause I'm from the old school and you guys are great.. lol......

Thank So Much

Jazzman :-)

818 days ago
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