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replied the topic Permanently delete the "folders" icon. created by ofteamer

I'm sorry I thought you wanted the generic icon instead of the specialized ones;
If you want the Icons completely gone:

- Go to "My PC"
- Select all Folders and/or Drives you want to be hidden
- Click "View"
- On the Bar that appears the 2nd to last button "Hide selected" will hide the icons

* On the left side of the button is a option to reveal the stuff you've hidden in this way so if you ever want to icons back you can select that option.

490 days ago
replied the topic White horizontal lines while playing created by galaxor

There are a few things you can try:

1) Update the GPU Drivers (even though it's not the Video Card updating to the last drivers is never a bad thing).

2) Check in the game settings if the Game is running on "Full Screen" or "Windowed (Without Borders)" and try if it's fixed by changing between the 2.

3) Go into the Windows Program that manages the recharging or the Software Lenovo installed for that purpose and turn of all on screen information options. (I had similar issues a year back with Logitech Keyboard onscreen info that looked a lot like this and when I disabled onscreen info it all went away)

I hope it helps otherwise all I can suggest is contacting the Lenovo helpdesk and asking them what exactly can be done to remedy this!

490 days ago
replied the topic Permanently delete the "folders" icon. created by ofteamer

If you just want the Standard Icon's:

Enable the the function to view hidden files and folders. then delete the hidden file you find inside the folder it's as simple as that.

PS: Not sure if you need to restart the PC though after you deleted the file. Close the Window and reopen if the icon is still the same and there is no hidden file in the folder you'll have to reboot before it takes effect!

490 days ago
replied the topic The computer shuts down spontaneously created by brobushek

1) Sound

Most Soundcards are now onboard inside the motherboard of your PC. If the sound stopped working after and update it's possible that the new update broke the Drivers you'll need to check your manifrastructurer's website for the newest drivers and reinstall them that usually fixes the problem.

2) Suspension of the System

- Again this can be due to a recent upgrade that asks more resources from your PC in general or you're bleeding resources through some kind of bug or maybe virus. Make sure that your Anti-virus software and firewall are up-to-date and force a full system scan by starting it manually if that turns up clean you can usually rule out most viruses and spyware.

- Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and open the Task Manager see how your resources are managed and if there are high spikes of memory loss and look in the list if any of the currently running programs are doing that.

- In rare occasions your RAM chip(s) could be damaged and RAM doesn't release as fast as it should in that case you'll have to buy new RAM chips and replace them.

3) Spontaneous Shutdowns

Considering point 2) was also an issue this looks like a case of overheating... If you have the software for it check your CPU and GPU temprature and see if it doesn't get to high if it does maybe check if the fans are clean and not obstructed. PC's are build with heat sensitive temperature gauges that will force a shutdown in order not to damage the hardware when a critical temperature is reached.

I hope these pointers help you figuring out what's wrong, it's very hard to diagnose when you can't inspect the system that's being talked about!

494 days ago
replied the topic Past and present created by gladys06

Hard- and Software have come a long way since the early days. Nothing else changed really... Just evolving the Hardware and with better hardware you can run heavier software. Software is more streamlined and can handle more complex tasks, just compare Windows 95 (or if you're an old fart like me 3.11) to Windows 10.

I remember a time when your PC booted up in the blank DOS screen with only c:> standing there looking cool then you started writing small @ECHO menu's to create a shortcut system to boot up windows or other programs now you can't even imagine starting up software from the DOS prompt or anywhere else than your operating system all I use the DOS promt for now is to do a tracert when internet goes bonkers once in a while.

This is very strange question... actually!?

494 days ago
replied the topic How can I update google chrome created by Sujit3451

The current version of Google Chrome is 60.0.3112.90 to check what version you have open the Menu > Go to "Help" and choose "About Google Chrome. it'll show you what version you got and it'll will automatically start updating if it can. if you got an older version of Google Chrome that for some reason can't update anymore you'll have to Delete the old version and reinstall the new recent version from:

494 days ago
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