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replied the topic How to turn off iPhone camera shutter sound? created by byebye

The best way to gain complete control of your iPhone is to jailbreak it. This is not for the faint of heart, however, because once you jailbreak your phone, you are basically on your own as far as warranty coverage goes. The good news is that you can restore your iPhone to a factory state even after you jailbreak it, completely erasing any evidence of your tampering. But yes I am positive that there is add An app in Cydia that completely shuts off the shutter noise for the camera on the iPhone even if your Sound is on.

1785 days ago
replied the topic IMac is uncharted territory for me, Is upgrading the Ram or adding more memory in an IMac the same as upgrading it on a windows machine? created by Zemeto

Upgrading your RAM isn't as great of an upgrade as it used to be. RAM used to be expensive and as the amount of data needed for the working memory of modern applications increased, RAM requirements kept getting higher. Windows XP needed only 64 GB ram as a minimum, but when Vista came out the minimum was a whopping 2GB!

Nowadays, it is still common to see laptops sold with only 4GB RAM, which is usually enough to do some light multitasking without any slowdown.

Ram modules are no different for Macs than they are for pcs. But RAM is not the biggest thing slowing people down these days. The culprit is usually that noisy old conventional hard drive. The best upgrade anyone could do for almost any computer now is to upgrade to a solid state drive. It will probably blow your mind, and your computer will feel brand spanking new.

1785 days ago
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