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replied the topic Where's the cheapest place for domain prolongation? created by Surfer

When I need a website I'm going to the digital agency and say them what I'd want on this site. With the project manager, we create a task for designers and I'm staying to wait for results. Then they show me very beautiful pictures when I liked all their work, front-end developer started to write a cod for my site and put on the domain and hosting. Im pay for domain little price once for a year. It's better than have a free domain that can fly from the server.

79 days ago
replied the topic Online trading advice created by termezo

I do not recommend earnings on Forex

183 days ago
replied the topic Online trading advice created by termezo

Why does everyone want to trade on Forex, because there are many other ways to earn money?

183 days ago
replied the topic What is custom CRM soft? What benefits it brings? created by termezo

CRM is a program that is used for business. Thanks for CRM, all processes passing through your enterprise are fixed. And thanks to everything in one program, you can easily find any information. And an improved version of CRM allows conclude contracts online.

197 days ago
replied the topic Cheap gift ideas? created by grems

Inexpensive and memorable gift it can be a weekend in the Ukraine in a wonderful city of lions with a rental car The person to whom such gift will be presented will never forget it, and emotions. And emotions are priceless.

206 days ago
replied the topic What are your hobbies? created by TrevorKith

My hobby is very strange, or rather my friends do not understand it. I like drawing layouts for furniture. I like it when I make a bed, chairs, sofas from my layout. I draw inspiration from the furniture store , there is very beautiful furniture, not a single person will not leave indifferent."

211 days ago
replied the topic Defrag files and separation created by cadendadd

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211 days ago
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