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replied the topic Getting lost!!!! created by Khan477

If I were you I would choose Samsung brand for phones it's much supported than Sony, each problem on Samsung will get an update to solve it immediately for Sony its users are still waiting for a solution for the camera focusing issue on their latest phone Xperia X Sony is too slow to solve problems on their phones because of the funds lack in mobile section.

832 days ago
replied the topic How to clean viruses on my computer? created by mocksone

There are many programs that can help you to clean a virus.
For me I would choose ESET Smart Security it will come with 30 days free trial so you can clean you device for free if you liked this program you can buy a registration for year if you want to keep safe from viruses.
check it out just choose your PC info 32/64 bit.

832 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite movie? created by martinlemmy

21 , 22 Jump Street.

832 days ago
replied the topic Which place do you never want to go to? created by speed

Simply, Syria.

832 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best city to visit in UK? created by listen

Of course London will be the first recommended city to visit.

832 days ago
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