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replied the topic Hidden folders hidden created by kalash

Have you tried checking the dates on which any folders in your system were accessed? If you know the date you lost your folders you can narrow it down to the ones you moved/hid etc.

85 days ago
replied the topic Where do you download Android apps? created by finefin

I get all mine from this link

870 days ago
replied the topic How can I know if a account here is a legit or not? created by richkid

I know what you many people just enjoy being jerks

873 days ago
replied the topic What song do you love? created by fantasticomid

I love so many types but one song I have been stuck on lately is Planet Caravan that Pantera redid years ago

873 days ago
replied the topic Android smartphone created by omari

You can do a factory reset and it'll wipe it clean

873 days ago
replied the topic Most Fashionable and Affordable Clothing for College Students created by kattypretty they have great clothes at excellent prices. Also for shoe fanatics try Amazing shoes and really low prices.

875 days ago
replied the topic How do i register a dog as a service dog? created by Sheilau try this link

875 days ago
replied the topic Computer slow how can I speed it up created by Rimmiser507

I just started using Wisecare 365 and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY!!

875 days ago
replied the topic How often do you use Wise Care 365? created by finefin

I have started using it daily. I love it!!

875 days ago
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