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What is the aim of the life?√ answeredREWARD $3
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replied the topic What other sites like do you know? created by newsite1

There isn't any forum like out there but you can find web sites where you can answer some surveys and get a little bit money...
And i've found also a site where you can use your own search engine as a cash earner.
This is a link to it :

1022 days ago
replied the topic Telling YouTube videos downloading????? created by AdeelMirza

before you download any programs or plugins for your PC or your browser you should look on web sites where you don't need to install anything.
I use the web site
On this site you can chose which format you would have.
When you would download a song then you chose .mp3
But when you would to download a video you should chose .mp4

Also a advantage is that it does not take long to convert a video from YouTube.

I hope i could help you.

1029 days ago
replied the topic Transfer money to Face Book created by PKS

It is not possible to transfer the money from directly to Facebook. But you can transfer to money from Euask to PayPal and from PayPal to Facebook when you would.
But a Problem with PayPal is that you must be 18 and above years old but PayPal is very useful.
I recommend you the transfer method with PayPal!!!

1029 days ago
replied the topic Is it difficult to learn ukulele? created by kidcrowd

No, it is not hard to learn playing ukulele...
The right question is,
would you really play ukulele and would you take the time to learn this.

1029 days ago
replied the topic What is true love ? created by aqeel23304

True Love doesn't exit!
When the first partner loves the second partner more than the second loves the first then you can say this isn't true love.
Moreover you can't know how much one person loves you....

1029 days ago
replied the topic Will it damage the phone if the phone gets very hot? created by moonlight

I think your phone can be demaged when it is very hot, beacause the parts what are build in your phone may smelt.

1029 days ago
replied the topic Social question for human being created by jatinkumar

There is only one opportunity...Search in the matrix for the answer who of us god is.

1029 days ago
replied the topic Why are Apple products so expensive? created by seven

Apple is so expensive because you must pay more for the name "apple". The name is the reason why apple products are so expensive...Another example is Nike or Adidas.

1051 days ago
replied the topic Do beacons give buffs to friendly mobs? created by abcman

When your beacons are turned on zombies can't dead when they are in front of the beacon.

1051 days ago
replied the topic Is PS Vita out of time? created by Nelson1962

All handhelds will be in the future dead! Beacause?
Everyone has a mobile phone and you can play on it emulators like Gameboy Advanced. In the future you can control aircrafts with your mobile phone or something else.
The next is now. The next is our mobile phone.

1051 days ago
replied the topic Best game you ever played? created by peiresimon

My favorite games are "The last of us"
Or mario games like : "Super Mario Galaxy" and "Super Mario Galaxy 2"
And i hope there will come a third version.

1051 days ago
replied the topic Which tablet or phone is designed for gaming created by marketsgolabl

I can also recommend the NVIDIA Shield.

1051 days ago
replied the topic The new Gongfu Panda is coming soon? created by jackyjacky

Gongfu Panda? Ohh....That's sounds interesting as Kung fu Panda!
I hope it's not a copy of the "Kung fu Panda" films.... :D
I think it can be a cool film and possibly it will come a second version of the film...And then the third.... :DD
I hope you understand me xD

1051 days ago
replied the topic How much money should I save if I want to travel the world? created by kathy

A good option is you finish the school and take a little bit money. Then you can when you have luck...
Work and Travel!
On your trip you can for example make a blog where you discribes how this place on the planet was.

1051 days ago
replied the topic Which tablet is not heavy to hold? created by amili

It's a hard question 'cause i didn't know how much money you want to pay for it...
When you want to buy a thin tablet you must look for no name tablets like "Icestar Z38" or android tablets.
Here is a picture of the "Icestar Z38" tablet which you can buy for 29,39€ :

1051 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite foreign food? created by 1633

I think it is chinese food like this :

1051 days ago
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