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replied the topic I can't format my pen drive? created by azzromyo

You could also try to use the command prompt, or, if that doesn't work, try to write an iso on the usb with Rufus, or try to format it with a video game console if you have one

931 days ago
replied the topic Pc cleaner/optimizer created by Victor2015

Ccleaner is a fantastic tool, but there is also ashampoo, both are great

932 days ago
replied the topic What is the best vedio maker program for windows ? created by bibito74

If you are looking for a freeware, then I suggest Windows movie maker, but if you want something better there are many softwares around. I'd suggest you Pinnacle Studio (that offers you lots of or built-in effects, transitions and templates), if you want to go a little bit more seriously, there is Sony Vegas. They are both great in what they do, however, if that isn't still enough, you can go on a professional level with Adobe's software's like Premiere and After Effects, but they are expensive and require a fast computer to work well.
So, if you want to make a video just four the pleasure of having it , Windows Movie Maker suites you, but if you want to make one that you'll be proud to show around, then definitely go on Pinnacle, Sony Vegas or even Adobe

932 days ago
replied the topic The best browser for computer. created by oooo99

I think Mozilla Firefox is actually the best, it is quite light, doesn't stay running when you close it, allows you to access almost the 90% of it's functions by typing in the address bar (ex for settings write about:settings, to see downloads write about:downloads and so on), has maybe the most complete setting panel, that allows you to choose how the browser should behave in fields like privacy-protection, it's customizable (you can change the background or the order or the size of the icons) and last but not least, it has the biggest plugin store. It coundn't seem that much, but I guarantee you that it will when you'll want to download a song or a video from the main socials and steaming sites, or when you will want to surf the net without ads popping-up. Of course also the other browsers have some of these options but none, as I know, is as complete, versatile and up-to date as Firefox.

This would be my advice, but I think you should try by yourself to install the one or two browsers that make you the best impression and try them one at the time for a bit, only you can decide which browser you like the best ;)

932 days ago
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