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replied the topic Is it possible to control our dream? created by minice

YES!!! That call "Lucid Dreaming". I can do that everynight and sex with my favoraite actress because i do lucid dremaing to control my dreaming :D and Escape from nightmare

992 days ago
replied the topic Do I need antivirus other than Windows defender? created by linburger

No need Antivirus. Security is just an Illusion :P

1004 days ago
replied the topic Which Mobile Browser do you prefer and why? created by BTW

For my experience I used UC Browser. Beacuse this is fast and very clean UI. Fast Downloading and also Streaming, but it depends on ur internet how fast it is.

1005 days ago
replied the topic Best free antivirus for Android created by ali1936

You dont need a Antivirus on your PC because Android is based on Linux. You dont need that cause it will eat your RAM and your phone become a laggy :(

1005 days ago
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