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replied the topic How can we stop being jealous? created by zone

Hello Zone,

I have the simpler existent method: nobody can stand keeping by your side being obligated to. Someone will just be with you while is in love with you, the way you are and behave in day by day. Because of your atributes and qualities. If someone is tired of you, just let go. You must rise up your self-estime and thank God whenever you find someone you like very much, and you should treat that someone the best you can. Someone must be happy to be with you, the same way you are. Good luck, regards...

880 days ago
replied the topic How do you manage your Windows desktop? created by timeis

Hello, Timeis, thank you very much for chosing my answer as the best one. I stood proud because of that.

I should give you some more tips, like using Wise Clean products, they are nice, also IOBit products. But keep in mind that there is no better defragmenter than MyDefrag, which has scripts like Daily, Weekly and Monthly. You can use them depending on your conveniences and results obtained. I use it daily, scheduled to 5 a.m. There is an option to schedule on the install process.

Beyond Wise products, there is a nice Register Cleaner, which is the best I`ve used, named AML Register Cleaner V.4.25. You should use it once in a week. You won`t believe, the results are astonishing. Txs, good luck, regards...

880 days ago
replied the topic Судьба и что это такое? created by VIRUS

Fate is something that one carry on from ancient lives. Life in Earth is a blank book which is written each day with our attitudes. As Jesus said, harvest is a result of what you have seeded. You cannot harvest strawberries, if you have seeded pepper. When you write new pages on Life Book, results depend on if what you've written is good or evil.
But God, in His infinite forgiveness, wants His creatures prove that they can regret from evil, with good will on restoring goodness. So, He gives His sons a second chance to repair all evil builded in past lives, in a new life, in a new body, but Spirit is still the same millenar one, with his individuality and personality preserved.
As a good father which gives his son a second chance to rebuild all things bad done, creature will do the same in a new life on Earth. This is the phenomena of Reencarnation. That proves fate is not something definitive, but can be changed with renewed attitudes, replacing the evil ones, living in accord of Jesus thoughts. Please, read Alan Kardec.

Съдбата е нещо, което един извършват от древни живота. Животът в Земята е празна книга, която е написана всеки ден с нашите нагласи. Както Исус каза, реколтата е резултат от това, което са посяти. Вие не можете да реколтата ягоди, ако сте засява пипер. Когато пишете нови страници на Life Book, резултатите зависят ако това, което съм писал, е добро или зло.
Но Бог, в Неговата безкрайна прошка, иска Неговите създания да докажат, че могат да съжалявате от злото, с добра воля за възстановяване на доброта. Така че, той дава Синовете му втори шанс да се поправят всяко зло издигна в минали животи, в един нов живот, в ново тяло, но Духът е все същата millenar онзи, с неговата индивидуалност и личност запазен.
Като добър баща, който дава на сина си втори шанс да се възстанови всичко лошо направено, създание ще направи същото в един нов живот на Земята. Това е явленията Reencarnation. Това доказва, съдбата не е нещо окончателно, но може да се промени с подновени нагласи, подмяна на злите, които живеят в съгласие на Исус мисли. Моля, прочетете Алън Kardec.

885 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

Конечно. Зависимость других действительно деградирует достоинство.

Sure. Dependence of others really degrades dignity.

886 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

Hi, Buljuk, I'm sorry, but I hate lies. Thruth is the real thing, the real value for human being.

886 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

Hi, Claire,
Brain makes a selective storage of facts, it only saves those which really matters, and if they are anyhow related to other facts already happened in life, in order to build new stratagies to face future threats. Those facts which are less meaning are saved in a kind of temporary buffer, so, if they don't prove their importance, they're going fanishing gradually, that's it.

886 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

Hello, wheeler,
The practice of reading, doing crosswords, memory game are good to keep brain in good healthy conditions. Brain is the only organ which doesn't complain of working too hard.

887 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

CONSCIENCE, you're right...

887 days ago
replied the topic What are you most afraid of losing? created by claire

Hello, Claire,
You can get all material things back, with your work, if you ever lose them, but the most painfull in life is loosing love from your familiars. I feel that pain in my heart.

887 days ago
replied the topic How do you manage your Windows desktop? created by timeis

I don't like my desktop full of icons, so I put them all in the tasbar, doing the following:

Right-click in a blank, empty area of desktop and chose "exibit", or "show" (my labels are in portuguese, don't know how it is in your Windows language), the up-most option.

Uncheck the last option, "show icons on desktop". The icons now desapear from desktop.

Right-click in a blank area of task bar, check "tools bar", and "desktop". All icons now apear in task bar.

Right-click in a blank area of task bar, uncheck "show labels" and "show text".

You might rather have there only the icons you use daily, the rest of them should better be on start menu.

To keep the task bar clean and orderly, you may create folders for all matters you have, no need of "virtual desktop" or "launchers", Desktop is already a good "launcher". Create folders like games, documents, apps, internet, as suggested above, but this way of doing is more simple.

887 days ago
replied the topic Uncontrollable zoom created by scsavard

Hello, scsavard, I could not understand well what you mean with "being at 50%". 50% of what? Maybe you are scratching the touchpad with your wrists, when you come to put your finger at the keyboard. It often happens to me at the laptop. When this happens, results are impredictable. It may activate functions that you can't expect and so you can't control. Pay attention to that and check if it is what's happening. If so, deactivate the touchpad at one of the functions keys, it varies from one notebook to another. And don't forget to reactivate it again when finishing your work. Good luck, regards...

887 days ago
replied the topic How to prevent flu? created by kimi

Its symptoms come generally at the end of the day. So I use to have Própolis extract in alchool solution at home, always in hand.

Then I pour 30 drops in a spoonful of honey, take it three times a day, and it reliefs the throat pain at the first take, because the honey sticks to throat, and it cures influenza from one day to the next. You don't have to be in a bad ill for 5-7 days anymore.

Própolis is an extract of a bee's resin that they produce to wash its case from invasion of other insects. It has properties to kill microorganisms, because it is a natural antibiotic and it has no side effects to humans.

And so you will find many, many other applications for that wonderful remmedy. From insect bites, mouth ulcers, skin injuries, pimples, burns, cuts, and an infinity of other situations.

You can find it in stores of herbs and natural products. It's super effective. I recommend.

1020 days ago
replied the topic How to say "Thank you" in your language? created by naokoki

In brazilian or portuguese:

Obrigado - Thank you

It is pronounced Ohbrigahdoo (in english)

Muito obrigado - Thank you very much

It is pronounced Mooytoo Ohbrigahdoo (in english)

There are already other suggestions, but them all lacked about pronounciation.

1020 days ago
replied the topic What are you doing if your boyfriend a psychopath? created by Nur_iffah

Great advices, words of a specialist. Yes, I can just realise what are your feelings about all of that insanity. Adding some more tips, if you don't live with him, you must treat him in a formal way, refuse any contact, no talkings, just the necessary, too few words. Always be accompanied with someone else, by a friend or familiar, as said above. Psychopaths don't act normally, no way of talking racionally, they don't respond to that. They act by instinct, because the part of brain which deals with feelings and emotions is blocked, it's like a wild animal. If he asks you why all that, ask him why he wants to stay with somebody who doesn't want to be with him anymore, you're not sick to be with him never more in a lifetime. Please, never tell him he is a sick person, just that YOU are no sick person, just as with the drunk people, they never accept they are alchoolycs. They're just out of reasonably thoughts. Good luck and God bless you!

1029 days ago
replied the topic I always have the same dream for 2 weeks created by Hippy

Hello, Hippy,

First of all, keep your money and you could give it to someone who really needs it.

Good, the almost nearest answer to the real thing was given by @moosish. Just completing his/her thought, when you realise the dream again in your mind before sleeping, please make a prayer to God, no matter what the name you give Him, and beg Him to clear your mind and breath into it, so that you could identify the girl who is in real danger.

That's not a matter of getting rid of something disturbing your sleep, but about doing something really meaningful about saving a life. That girl is predestined to pass through that risk in order she could get a redemption from some analog fault commited in some time in the present or in a past life, but you can change her destiny. God expects this kind of action from everyone of us and may permit her life saved.

This recurring dream is not really a nightmare, but a real notice that a disaster is about to happen. If you could really identify that girl and if you already know her, run to her and notice her about the imminence, trying all your efforts to make her believing on it and to be very carefull about it.

But if you just don't know that person, just pray for her to God, so that she could be protected from disaster by her spiritual guardians or by influencing guardians of some friend of hers to protect her. This way you can respond to the advices and could do your part in that role, so God will bless you for that and you will be freed from that compromise. Now it's done completely. And God will bless you.

Well, let's go well further. I'm Spiritist and I do a lot of studies about spiritual matters by Alan Kardec. Let's say the work is done and the dream doesn't appear anymore. But new dreams alike may appear again. It means that you own mediunity and you are a premonitory medium. This way you can save lives all the time.

If you become embeded with that angelic feeling, you should look for a serious Spiritist Center (which doesn't deals with money) and report the fact to someone in order to get directions. Then he/she shoud advice you to develop your spiritual power and become a knowledgeable lifesaver, because it requires all the spiritual knowleadge you could get.

When you start studying those matters you will surely be fascinated with Spiritism. Maybe you have heard about Brazil as the greatest Spiritist country in the world, and I'm happy to live in this wonderfull country. Please, you should read Alan Kardec. I'm yours for further informations. Good luck.

1134 days ago
replied the topic How to cure or relieve dry eyes? created by nicole

I agree with every word on all comments, except for genetics too much, because none of my parents have had it, but mostly about artificial tears, which causes ardency when applied and has significant cost. I've soon abandoned it. In its place, I've been using low cost physiologic serum for every time use, which is not a medicine but a corporal fluid, doesn't cause dependence, and you can use it all the time.

Every time you feel like "having sand" in your eyes, you tend to rub the itchy eyes. But you must NEVER do so, because it will "put more sand" on them and itch will get worst, causing a blister by raising eye mucous membrane. Just drop 2-3 drops of serum will relieve itch. I have one serum eyewash in each room at home and one in my handbag, for times when I'm out.

For me, that has been enough to my dry eyes for the last 30 years. And I even do more: I pour 4.5 ml cuisine salt in half a liter mineral water and I can have a home made physiologic serum. It's even cheaper than buying it in drugstores.


1. Heavy dusty winds outsides > Make use of UV glasses;

2. Long hours on the computer, tv or reading books > Remember to blink more, very often;

3. Air conditioning dries ambient air > Don't need to turn it off. Use a humidifier, or a wet towell, hung as in a clothesline, in the room;

4. Use of contact lenses > Must be special for dry eyes;

5. Itchy eyes > NEVER rub them > Make frequent use of physiologic serum;

6. Labeled artificial tears usualy do the job, but irritate more than relieve and may cause dependence > Make frequent use of physiologic serum;

7. The most important: if all these simple tricks don't work, talk with your doctor!!

Good luck...

1165 days ago
replied the topic Where's the cpu temperature function? created by milesqgj

You can watch CPU temperature and other functions at the Hardware page in Setup function, pushing Del or the appropriate key indicated at the bottom of the first black screen at startup.
At Windows environment, besides the tips posted above, there's another one you can install, the Wise System Monitor, which is discrete, having just one line display, which shows internet up/down flow, used RAM, used CPU and core temperature.

1522 days ago
replied the topic The computer displays nothing when it turns on. created by Vency

One last try: ... press "Del" to open Setup. Thanks.

1522 days ago
replied the topic The computer displays nothing when it turns on. created by Vency

Sorry again, one word was supressed from my original text, at topic 1: to open Setup. Thanks.

1522 days ago
replied the topic The computer displays nothing when it turns on. created by Vency

Sorry, I've touched the touch-pad, when I was reviewing the phrase, I hate it... Continued...
5. If you cannot find that Jumper, do everything posted above at path 4, then you can short-circuit the battery connectors at its socket, for 5 secs.
If nothing works, then you should try any of the other good hardware tips over there. Good luck...

1522 days ago
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