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replied the topic Best ways to make money online? created by Elderwand8 875 days ago

Sorry if I seem repetitive. I just want input from as many people as possible so that I have a lot of different options.

replied the topic Clash of clan or DOTA?? created by zerosan 875 days ago

I like Clash of Clans the best. It's fun making clans with your friends and participating in clan wars together.

replied the topic Do you read books? created by braz68 877 days ago

If you don't want to take up space, read digital books. But I prefer physical books because they're easier to navigate, and I like reading something material that I can "feel".

replied the topic Where to invest money on the Internet? created by Yuri 877 days ago

Invest it in stocks/bonds/mutual funds. There are a lot of good ones online, but it's good to do research to find out the fees/minimum balance. I suggest




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Good luck!

replied the topic Make your fb account safer created by samadahri 879 days ago

Use all of the ones above and make it long (10-15 digits). Also, try to not include common words like password, etc. If you want to have a word that you can remember, use a unique word that only means something to you, such as gorilla or coconuts.

replied the topic Glioblastom stufe lv - bitte löschen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! created by Bine485 879 days ago

Wenn ich Sie wäre, würde ich tun, um die alle Chemo-und Chirurgie, um zu versuchen, ihn zu heilen. Dann würde er eine Chance, länger zu leben, als wenn man ihm die Behandlung nicht gegeben hat. Ohne die Behandlung, wird er sterben.

replied the topic Glioblastom stufe lv - bitte löschen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! created by Bine485 879 days ago

Wenn Sie sicher sind, dass er die gleiche Menge von Jahren leben, wenn Sie entweder eine tun, dann geben Sie ihm nicht die Behandlung. Aber wenn es eine gute Chance ist er noch ein paar Jahre leben könnte, dann sollte man ihm die Behandlung geben, denn wie ich bereits sagte, auch eine schlechte Lebensqualität ist besser als überhaupt nicht leben.

replied the topic Glioblastom stufe lv - bitte löschen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! created by Bine485 879 days ago

Ich würde ihm die Chemo-und Strahlentherapie lassen, weil sogar eine schlechte Lebensqualität ist besser als überhaupt nicht leben!

replied the topic What coping skills can help with quitting smoking? created by lordwolfe 879 days ago

If you really want to quit, then you have to eliminate the temptation completely. First, you need to throw out all the cigarettes in your house so that you can't be tempted to smoke. As for coping, ice cream and chocolate are good, though it really just depends on what you like. I find exercising to be a good distraction, so maybe take a jog around your block.

replied the topic What is your favorite science fiction film? created by claire 880 days ago

Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond! A trilogy of modern films based off of the classic sci-fi series!

replied the topic I'm currently studying to be a graphic designer. Assignments are getting tough. Is the idea of "never sleeping" a good idea? created by mirface 880 days ago

Never sleeping is a bad idea. Think about this: how are you going to pass all of the tests when you're so tired you can barely keep your head up? Getting enough sleep is proven to help you concentrate better, which in turn will result in better grades. You should try to study in the day, and if you have extra time then you can do whatever you want. But putting it off until night will often lead to you staying up later than you expected if your studying takes longer than you expected (I speak from experience).

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replied the topic How to become rich from poor? created by ellie 880 days ago

A way many people have become really, really rich is starting your own business. You have to create a product or service that is one of a kind and needed. If you have a product like that, present it to investors, who will give you some money in exchange for a small part of your company. With that money, you can create a website and get your product into stores, which will make you money.

If you aren't sure if you can become rich doing this, look at all the rich people who have started their own business. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, even (though I regret mentioning his name) Donald Trump have all became rich after starting a business.

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replied the topic What online site pays poets to write poetry. created by lordwolfe 880 days ago



For a complete list of websites please look here:

Here's another idea: Write a bunch of poems and compile them into a book. Then, publish and sell it.

replied the topic POINT BLANK LIES created by SirSli 881 days ago

Then I wouldn't trust that person anymore.

replied the topic What is your favorite thing about America? created by shawn 881 days ago

All the freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, elect leaders, etc. It's very safe compared to most countries, too.

replied the topic How can I make money from the internet? created by Dellaco 881 days ago

1. If you already have money, you can invest it in stocks, bonds, etc. I recommend for that.
2. Survey/Offer websites. You can join websites like Swagbucks, Points2Shop, Toluna, Myview, Ipoll, Global Test Market, and many others.
3. You could sell things on Ebay, Amazon, Craiglist, etc.

If you want a complete list of ways to make money online, go here:

replied the topic Do you believe in karma? created by Tadakii 881 days ago

I believe in karma to a degree. For example, if you say something mean to a specific person, it's not unlikely that they will do something or say something mean to you later. But, apart from things that the specific person can directly affect (such as saying bad things about you to other people, which could cause them to do something mean to you) it's pure coincidence if something bad happens to you.

replied the topic How to get point riot on league of legends ? created by MickelMalik 882 days ago

You can enter tournaments that have a Riot Point prize.

replied the topic Tips for Interview created by beatrix 882 days ago

1. Smile when you talk
2. Always make eye contact with the person interviewing you
3. Don't lie, but a little bit of exaggeration is ok
4. Come up with several of your strengths that you want to mention when answering a question
5. Ask questions yourself because it makes you seem interested in the job
6. Prepare responses for common interview questions
7. Be early; if you are late then you will appear irresponsible
8. Mentally convince yourself why you are best for the job; it will help prepare you

Hope I helped!
Source: My own interviews

replied the topic How do i get the money? created by glrodieck2 882 days ago

To get money on Euask, you need to answer questions asked by other users. If you do a good job with that, they might select your answer as the best answer. If that happens, you will earn the amount of money shown on the right side of the question. You can withdraw that using Paypal once you have accumulated $10.

replied the topic What's your favourite music band? :D created by iGotRejected 882 days ago

One Direction and 21 Pilots! They both have awesome songs!

replied the topic Who is your most trusted person? created by Beebekkarki 882 days ago

Besides myself, my parents are. They gave birth to me, and they genuinely care about me, so I know I can trust them.

replied the topic Worldwide Terror by the IS created by TechnoParadoxum 882 days ago

I thought that the attack was really cruel, especially because it was civilians who were killed and injured. Isis is a big threat, and countries like France need to increase their security. Every time a terrorist attack like this one happens, the event is put under high security. But, it's too late by then! They need to increase the security BEFORE the attack happens so that it can be prevented. And someone needs to stop Isis because they're so caught up in a twisted, cruel, and radical form of Islam to be reasoned with.

replied the topic What's Your Dream House? created by landing 882 days ago

1. It has to be big (mansion size). 2. It has to be close to the beach (I can go 24/7!). 3. Must be in a suburban area (I don't want it to be too crowded or so deserted that the nearest store is miles away). 4. Swimming pool (both inside and outside). 5. Full sized arcade (you did say ideal :)
6. Indoor and outdoor soccer field (the indoor one is turf). 7. Treehouse in the backyard. 8. Miniauture waterpark/amusment park in the backyard.

Ok I'll end it here. . .this house was getting a little too perfect :)

replied the topic What are your thoughts about Pokemon GO? created by naprah 882 days ago

I think it's a good game in general, but it's only fun for people who live in more urban or suburban areas. It's great that it gets people off the couch, but people in rural areas don't want to have to walk 10 miles to get to one gym. Also, it's not available for everyone, depending on their smartphone and the country they live in.

replied the topic GAME: MINECRAFT, A GOOD OR BAD GAME ??? created by medkit 882 days ago

I love Minecraft; I think it's a great game. The PC version is definitely worth the $26.95. A lot of people mistake Minecraft as just a building game where you build stuff and that's it. But Minecraft has a lot of other aspects such as crafting, fighting enemies, and collecting resources. Also, updates are pretty frequent, so there is always more things to explore. However, I think the best part is the multiplayer aspect. Not only can your friends join your worlds, but also you can join multiplayer servers, which have tons of minigames. With servers, you can play Player versus player games, such as Hunger Games (based off the book), Capture the Flag, and many more. The mobile version is also good, but the controls are a bit more awkward and it doesn't contain the most recent PC features. I have never personally played the Xbox version, but it has a lot of what PC has. To sum it up, I definitely recommend that you get it because it's a lot of fun!

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