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replied the topic The icon of software was lost. how to fix? created by pastaway

It is easy and simple, find the program, it should be in the folder "Programs and files" in the drive C, move the cursor and click with the right mouse button, in the opened submenu, hover the cursor over "Send to desktop (create shortcut)" and click the left mouse button. All, new icon will appear on your desktop.

1771 days ago
replied the topic How to transfer video from PC to my phone without USB cable? created by walcott

1. Through Bluetooth connection;
2. Using the Memory card Reader device.

1771 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 can't read DVD. created by colin

1. To check the compatibility of the equipment (DVD) with Windows 10;
2. Install the full driver package for Windows 10.

1771 days ago
replied the topic How to install android apps on PC created by dip27

Install Java on your PC and everything will work.

1771 days ago
replied the topic Problems with my motherboard created by tamara12

It is impossible to answer little information. Or is it more OS or basic? What HDD, what state, what condition generally PC?

1771 days ago
replied the topic Why do Android manufacturers not allow users to root their devices? created by carlasss

This is the copyright of the software product from all kinds of abuse and misuse.

1771 days ago
replied the topic What would you do if you won the Powerball? created by carlasss

To make profitable investments, and the income to pay off debts, help relatives and anonymously to those who need it.

1771 days ago
replied the topic Which phone has this function "answer phone"? created by landing

Any phone, it is a paid service service provider. Contact your network operator and activate the service. The memory of your phone will not become clogged, all messages will be stored on the operator's server until you delete it.

1771 days ago
replied the topic Maximizing Memory card capacity... created by godmartin76

First check compatibility of your memory card, if the settings are different may be a conflict. If all matches, then use the repair function of system errors in the properties of drive "C". Start by checking for viruses in the system.

1771 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your free time? created by bike

On weekends I like active rest on nature.

1771 days ago
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