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replied the topic I want to take my mom to Europe on vacation, Where should we go? created by hellen

I would highly recommend you to visit switzerland. it is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes. Also if you are into skiing there is no place like switzerland. Take a trip to the highest railway in the world, and enjoy their multicultural lifestyle. Go for a drink in one of the exclusives night clubs in Zurich. Visit one of the most old and representative ku-kus in Bern. Or just enjoy a sunny day in one of their beautiful lakes, for example Genova, Zurich or Thun. You can also enjoy from having all this in a very short distance. You might feel the delights of french culture, the order and excellence of the german culture and the amusement and warm of the Italian culture, all in once.

If you are willing to spend some beautiful vacations, visit Switzerland!

And of course eat lots of chocolate and cheese

1008 days ago
replied the topic Should I give up on a cheater created by Nuttela

I believe that everybody deserves a second chance. I think that problems in relationships come from two sides, it´s not like i´m blaming you or anything but sure both have some issues that are being destroctive for your relationship. Try to look what is wrong on both sides, maybe the fact that she cheated is only a consequence of a deaper problem, and i believe every problem can be fixed with hard work. If you decide to forgive, be honest with yoursleve and forgive with your heart. Do not listen what most people say, like once she cheated it wil always be like that. Follow you instint and try to solve your problems from the root.
Then if you fight and you still feel like your relationship won´t improve, then move on. Life is fool with surprises.

Hope for the best!

1014 days ago
replied the topic Would you like your spouse created by abcman

The problem of thinking that your spouse is more handsome and intelligent than your lies in the insecurity of thinking that you can find someone better, however if the two are in love and have a relationship stable should not be a problem. Even if there is that trust and that respect, you can even begin to think that realmene you're a winner by being with someone like that. In part it changes everything from the perspective, from your point of view that may seem to the person most beautiful in the world and maybe not everyone shares that idea. I do not think that to think that someone is more handsome and intelligent to be a reason valid for not to be with that person.

1015 days ago
replied the topic What are your travel lists for 2016? created by Vency

I love traveling, it is actually my favorite thing in the world. I´ve traveled many places in the world, but recently i thought that I don´t know my own country enough, I am mexican so it has been my purpose this year to visit different places in Mexico. It is impresive how many beautiful things we have here. Mexico has beatiful beaches, impresive landscapes, delicious food and amazing people. There is alot to explore and to visit, and if you are planning a nice trip, visit Mexico. You won´t regret about it!

1015 days ago
replied the topic Do you prefer living in urban or rural areas? created by outside

It all depends on what you like to do and of course that is what makes you happy. In the end that is what really matters. For example, if you are a person who likes to be very active and not to bother the movement of a lot of people around, the city is the best option. On the other hand, if you prefer an environment more calm and quiet then the rural areas is what I would recommend. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons. The best thing you can do is to take a decision of that magnitude when you're relaxed and focused on what is really going to make you happy

1015 days ago
replied the topic Should I buy BlackBerry? created by BTW

Unless you want to buy trash, sure go for it. I would recommend you to buy any phone with an android platform.

1016 days ago
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