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How to start download again ?REWARD $2
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Shut Down ProblemREWARD $3
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replied the topic Can you tell me why the playstore download speed is ridiculously slow? created by Ujjwal619

I do not use playstore as it requires to integrate google account and uses a lot of megabyte. Instead you can use 1mobile market. It is very fast and does not require an account. You can download any app you like. It has all the apps with latest version.

Go to : settings->security
Tick : Unknown Resources : Allow installation of apps from unknown resources

Then download and install 1mobile market to have all your favourite apps.

3 days ago
replied the topic Set Default Graphic in windows 10? created by AAA1992

This article is exactly the solution you need. Please read the whole article.

7 days ago
replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects

I know I'm very early for this year christmas but still Merry Christmas

9 days ago
replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11

If I ever get a chance I'd talk to Taylor Swift. I can't really explain the reason. Because somethings just can't be explained.

9 days ago
replied the topic What format would you save a video file in order to be able to play it on a DVD player? created by gcletis

Whatever model your dvd player may be but it will SURELY play mp4 and avi formats. Thanks.

9 days ago
replied the topic Cleaning computer created by bebhelms

@bebhelms I used to have a slow computer. But when I installed CCleaner it helped me a lot. I still use it and you should try it.

CCleaner Download Link :

It will clean all your junk files. And also very easy to use.

9 days ago
replied the topic What is the next step created by selcinor

My plans to success are :
Don't repeat past mistakes
Do all works in time
Take every step being concern about the future
Choose friends and enemies carefully

14 days ago
replied the topic Weekend problem created by Jhony18

Weekend or not you gotta watch these movies. I personally guarantee you will love each and every one of these.

1. Drillbit Taylor (2008)
2. Cobra (1986)
3. Cliffhanger (1993)
4. First Blood (1982)
5. Insomnia (2002)
6. The Birdcage (1996)
7. Ip Man (2008)
8. October Sky (1999)
9. Dead Poets Society (1989)
10. The Great Escape (1963)

14 days ago
replied the topic Shut Down Problem created by Dipto

@advancedtechnologies I had a bootable windows 7 setup disk and another disk that can only perform recovery. I tried both but none found any issues to fix. I think that's the recovery you ask for. I can't explain "it doesn't detect any problem" because I tried it over 3 weeks ago and I don't remember clearly all that. Only thing I remember that it didn't detect anything at all.

172 days ago
replied the topic Shut Down Problem created by Dipto

@advancedtechnologies System recovery was the first thing I tried to fix this issue. But it doesn't detect any problem. And I tried to get windows update but there are some problems in getting it. The windows update starts but never shows any result. The process just goes for forever. It never ends and never shows any search results nor downloads any updates. If you tell me how to get updates I will also try this method. Thanks.

174 days ago
replied the topic Shut Down Problem created by Dipto

My last hope @WiseCleaner_admin can you tell me how to fix it ?

176 days ago
replied the topic Shut Down Problem created by Dipto

@Aravi , @ha14 , @sajal27 , @EmmeTe , @whiggs2 Thank you everyone for trying to solve my problem. And sorry I had final exams for I couldn't reply earlier. I've tried everything you told me to do. But no improve. That's why no best answer has been chosen. And I've had enough with this problem. I think now it's time to visit a technician to solve it. Thanks again for your concern.

176 days ago
replied the topic How often do you buy a new computer? created by bike

@bike I buy a new computer when the old one is no longer usable

187 days ago
replied the topic What's your favourite music band? :D created by iGotRejected

I love the Beatles
Takes me back to old times

188 days ago
replied the topic What's Your Dream House? created by landing

This is the kind of place I'd like to live in :

189 days ago
replied the topic Shut Down Problem created by Dipto

@sajal27 I don't see any IEEE 1394 Bus host Controllers tab to expand according to your link

189 days ago
replied the topic Shut Down Problem created by Dipto

@ha14 On my laptop's Intel(R) Management Engine Interface there is no such thing as Power Management tab
And I've mentioned earlier that I can't open any hardware

189 days ago
replied the topic Who is your favorite football player? created by daydream

@daydream Lionel Messi

Please see the following link for why I like him so much

190 days ago
replied the topic Who is your most trusted person? created by Beebekkarki

@Beebekkarki The person I trust more that anything is MYSELF. It's a cruel world you can't trust anyone in some situations no matter whoever they may be. Remember one thing , even your own shadow leaves you at night. Then how can you expect someone to stand beside you in every situation ?

190 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most fashionable country? created by momoko

@momoko There isn't such thing as fashionable country. Because every person of a country is not fashionable. Some are old-school and backdated. So , you can't tell which country's people like to clothe well. And there's no such statistics done in this matter.

But logically you can get your answer. People who earn well will spend well in every aspect of life including fashion.

These countries peoples have enough money to upgrade them with latest fashion because they're the richest. And this list has been made considering every person of that country. Hope that helps you to understand logically what you're looking for without asking people what they think about this. Because whatever people may think that doesn't always have to be correct.

190 days ago
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