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Which musical instrument is easier for a child to learn?REWARD $1
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replied the topic Am I masturbating right? created by brainstorm21

Found this old topic. Damn, never thought that someone besides me can have simmilar problem :D Watching porn helped me to find out something about how to have more pleasure. Before it I tried to read and it helped me too. But hentai... well, it's more about estetics than the human anatomy. I still like hentai, but regular porn is more... I don't know - visual? I don't think you still have a same problem, but if so - you can use both porn and hentai. Porn for learning, hentai for pleasure.

310 days ago
replied the topic Cannot uninstall wise care 365 on windows 10 created by pdw1975

Very strange, because the uninstall file should always be there. Perhaps there was some kind of failure, if you can't uninstall the program through the control panel, then I would advise you to use third-party uninstallers. This is a great way out of the situation, because they often see all the installed programs and can completely delete them, as well as track whether there are any files left from them and delete them. You can even force deletion if an access error occurs.

350 days ago
replied the topic Do not operate the hp printer created by Good_men3

More often this is caused by the missing drivers. Download them from the HP official site and you should be good to go!

363 days ago
replied the topic Sleep problems. Advices created by IndianoO

If you have trouble sleeping, then you need medicine anyway. If various sedatives do not help you, then I advise you to try canabidiols. Yes, this is a class of substances to which CBD belongs. I used to have problems with sleep too and not a single sleeping pill helped me, then my doctor suggested I get a vape with CBD at I tried and it really helped. I smoked about 15 minutes before going to bed and fell asleep all night like a baby, so this is a great solution.

381 days ago
replied the topic Developing a mini darts game!? created by jogncartman

Hmm, that sounds pretty interesting and possible, but for that you will need skills in creating games and knowledge of Javascript. And why don’t you want him to play real darts. I think this is one of the safest sports. My son also plays darts and he never had any damage. By the way, recently he asked me for a new electronic dart board. I searched for a high-quality model for a long time and found reviews on Best Electronic Dart Boards As a result, I had to buy him a model for 300 bucks and he is very happy. I would advise you to give your child a birthday present and give him darts because this is his dream.

388 days ago
replied the topic Spotify Subscription created by G33kpaine

Spotify premium is a great feature that gives an exciting experience for music lovers. Personally, I have a premium account and use all the possibilities as listening offline, unlimited skips and no ads. Also if you are artist and wish to increase the number of followers to have a premium account is essential for connecting service for promotion on Spotify ( ) .

420 days ago
replied the topic Canon EOS 80D vs Canon EOS 6D Mark-II/What digital camera to chose? created by nicki1991

If money are not a problem to you, I would choose the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. There's not a big difference in their prices, if came to that, it's only $200, but for this amount of money, you'll get some more features, like Bluetooth, GPS, Image Stabilization, a better battery life and some other improvements which the Canon EOS 80D doesn't have. The Pros will agree with me (or I agree with them) as you can see on

431 days ago
replied the topic Microsoft Movie Maker and Photo Editor crashs created by PaulSharon

Ohh, this unfortunately happens because of errors in the root folder, but there is a solution. First you need to delete the folder with all the standard Windows programs, as well as clean up the remaining files. Then just download the folder with the same files from the Internet and the error should disappear .You have a problem with programs for processing photos and videos, so I think you're good at editing and I need your help. I lost the settings of the camera and the date sticker appeared on all the photos and now when I insert the photos into the presentation, I need to get rid of this sticker somehow. To do this, I found one paid program that helps to remove date stamp, on this site and I need your advice. Do you think it works as shown on the site and should I pay 25 bucks for it or there are free alternatives?

437 days ago
replied the topic Convert youtube video to mp3 created by IndianoO

Hey, man. I have the site for you. allows you to do exactly what you'd expect (to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 format) and it's perfectly safe to judge it after using and not before it. If you aren't sure about it, you can always to check about it at other forums, but nothing will change. You will see only good feedbacks. Fortunately, here is not like on Yotube. I mean, that there isn't bundled adware, that you should avoid or that annoy you. Hope, It will be helpful for you. I am waiting your feedback too.

441 days ago
replied the topic How I can download video from twitter? created by IndianoO

Hey, buddy all you need is one application called and with a friendly interface. I recently started to use it and I have to say that it is good, in case you will start to use it, I know that you will not regret that. Hope you will find useful information I shared with you.

473 days ago
replied the topic Who you can make effect on picture ? created by nazooof

Oh my god, this is very beautiful. I just love art and paintings, I have about 15 paintings hanging at home. I can advise you these guys . They these professionals are engaged in all printing services, besides they have excellent prices, so I’m sure that you will like to work with them.

492 days ago
replied the topic Youtube channel camera created by layls1071

I like the Polaroid cameras very much, but they are not for Youtube. I'm not a professional photographer, I'm just taking pictures of whatever I think it's beautiful. At home, I have a vintage Polaroid camera and recently I bought a Leica Sofort - a modern instant camera. Although I like more the vintage camera (for the style), I'm gonna replace it. The Leica is more comfortable for traveling, it fits in the smallest pocket of my backpack. The lovers of the instant cameras can take a look at, they reviewed the best modern instant cameras.

520 days ago
replied the topic Free or premium WP themes? created by anhot

For sure premium,ez change

568 days ago
replied the topic How to hide my i.p address created by rehan05

Donwload some wpn,or use mozilla or tor and find vpn

568 days ago
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