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How can I make money from the internet?REWARD $2
817 days ago, last commented by MianhaeX
I am a Repairer and I need softwares that works on flashing ,Decoding,unlocking (Sp flash tool,Odin and LGUP are not working).REWARD $5
806 days ago, last commented by SetupComputer
Where can i learn the best computer programing or theological courses online?REWARD $2
811 days ago, last commented by max29
What are the names of softwares that are use to flash phones,and where can i get them.REWARD $2
826 days ago, last commented by sajal27
Please can you help me to know how to flash phonesREWARD $2
833 days ago, last commented by armercore1
PC Program for Screen SaverREWARD $2
853 days ago, last commented by Aravi

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replied the topic Which is difficult for you? Telling the truth or telling a lie.. created by only_god

who will Chain Himself?Lies put one in Chains,Everyone Likes to be Free,The truth will always set you free.
remember,the truth will always comes out,no matter how far lies has gone to. For me is the TRUTH.thanks

853 days ago
replied the topic How to response "Why aren't you married yet"? created by au52

I am ,See the Future

853 days ago
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