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replied the topic What is the best keyboard wireless or wired? created by Aravi

Wireless is the best

1729 days ago
replied the topic I'm currently studying to be a graphic designer. Assignments are getting tough. Is the idea of "never sleeping" a good idea? created by mirface

Sleep is nessacery for your body to function properly. so make sure you get some

1729 days ago
replied the topic How can I make money from the internet? created by Dellaco

I've been making money on survey websites. YOu don't make alot.

1730 days ago
replied the topic Best online website for surveys? created by Elderwand8

lixsense is a survey website I recently found that looks very promising

1731 days ago
replied the topic When Will the Pain STOP? created by Conikay

I lost my 19 year old son in 1999. He was a good kid [not that that matters ]. It's been almost 17 years and the pain is still with me. Im not saying it is painful all the time. There are going to be good times that will bring a smile to your face when you least expect it. But the pain and sadness never really go away. You will actually hear people say "isn't time to get over it". These are people who have never experienced such unbelievable loss. Even some of your best friends will stop talking about them as though they never existed. When all you want them to do is mentione there names. You need to know your children were here and left an impression. Although it may make you cry you need to let them know how much it means that your children were not forgotten.

1732 days ago
replied the topic Before the invention of air-condition and fans, how did people avoid the summer heat? created by hellen

Before the use of fans and air conditioners people were used to the heat. it is only sice we have such things that we have come to rely on them and do so much complaining about the heat. We have become so spoiled with all the modern coviences that we can no longer handle being without them.

1732 days ago
replied the topic How God forgives the sins of humans? created by only_god

God forgives the sins of humans because he knows none of us is perfect. Remember the passage in the Bible where he says let those without sin cast the first stone?

1732 days ago
replied the topic How can a man go eight days without sleep? created by ZeeshanAhmad3494

Stress can cause all kinds of strange things to happen to your bodies ability to do things you could never image. For instance not being able to sleep or even stay awake. it has been said stress can even cause death and i believe it's true.

1732 days ago
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