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replied the topic Best Sex Consultation in Delhi created by BestSexologist

Sex consultation? What do you mean? As for the adult links, I could share a great source with reliable webcam sites, here it is cliti live (just my favorite adult category, I highly recommend to bookmark it).

803 days ago
replied the topic Programming Language created by waqasZb

Java remains the most popular primary programming language, but JavaScript is the most used programming language overall. That is according to a recently released report from JetBrains on the State of the Developer Ecosystem in 2018 by the way. I could recommend everyone to check this article which contains the latest report on Java developers salaries , very interesting.

861 days ago
replied the topic Android Programing with Java script and CSS and html . created by AAA1992

I never dealt with Javascript, but planning to learn Java, seriously. A lot of applications and other web products are being successfully developed on Java, I also appreciate the fact it is the most demanded programming language today, and salaries are very decent (according to ). I am planning to reach an entry level at least, and ready to develop my skills daily.

891 days ago
replied the topic Have problem with playing Game created by a454545

I had a very similar issue playing online. Everything I needed to do is to switch VPN on, some of the game providers do not allow access for certain countries, and vice versa - some countries just block certain online gambling sites.

905 days ago
replied the topic Anyone have used Cordova to develop their app before, i need some real guides and tutorial, please help to share all resources here. created by caliburn

Never even heard about this service, used to hire a freelancer or an agency for web development purposes. The only tool I use for app development is online calculator , generally this one . I prefer to pre-count all the necessary costs before launching a project.

911 days ago
replied the topic School supplies, which ones and where? created by lisasmalls

Usually teachers provide with the list with all the necessary goods to buy, the list can differ depending on the student's grade. If you weren't provided with one, you can find all the necessary info following this source .
Good luck!

948 days ago
replied the topic Does anyone know of a proven site to make real money online fast? created by paulstrade

I just wonder do you guys give objective and sincere answers applying to all of these paid surveys? And why are they usually paid? Top companies share their surveys in a free access, so that every customer can leave his opinion on certain services, here is an example of such a source .

951 days ago
replied the topic How to Conversion to a Professional developer in C#? created by AAA1992

Learning and practicing, I guess, there are no other ways. I must confess all this is very actual for me now, I am trying to learn Python. The popularity of this programming language is growing daily, and Python developers earn not bad money according to this source . I think web developing is the most fast growing and required working area today.

954 days ago
replied the topic Recommend me some online slots games, please! created by grems

Here is the biggest review on online gambling providers , reliable gambling operators only. I personally tested most of the websites from this review, and they're just excellent. Good luck!

968 days ago
replied the topic How Best and easy earn money per Hour 4 dollar? created by alaminbd

I would consider online casinos, but you get a chance to win more than 4$ per hour, believe me. Last week I managed to win 800$ at Mr.Bet, if you don't believe me, check this review .

968 days ago
replied the topic Earn money from internet created by ayoub17

Thanks for the topic, so many useful posts here! The only online money making opportunity I used is playing online games, I think it's not bad option in case you're playing at reliable sources. Here is a fair review on the most trustworthy online gambling sites .

972 days ago
replied the topic Does someone know other websites like euask to earn money? created by pataton

Just online games, and most of them are online gambling sites. One gotta be very careful not to hang on scammers' site, here is the list of the most trustworthy online gambling games provider by the way . Good luck!

972 days ago
replied the topic When I earn money created by ralphfurgason

Any ideas how to withdraw money from online casino account? I just won 3200$ at , but PayPal is prohibited in my country, I just want to get my money. Thanks in advance.

972 days ago
replied the topic What is bitcoin how to earn bitcoin? created by aqeel23304

Some sites offer not bad Bitcoin winning opportunities, I mean gambling services now. I often play and I am 100% sure these guys offer playing on Bitcoins, I just thought I need to mention this.

973 days ago
replied the topic What is going to give me the best internet connection for online gaming? created by sitarakhan

Came here just with the same question! I am on to check demo version of , I already heard and read tons of positive reviews on this game. Just need to define with Internet provider as mine is not fast enough.

1052 days ago
replied the topic How to find free PowerPoint themes & templates ? created by fiona

That's easier than it might seem, there are plenty of good providers, I personally love one from a popular templates provider, just check this source - 22 excellent powerpoint templates are already available.
Good luck!

1062 days ago
replied the topic Help me Found LISA webcam free created by Ased13

Try to search here, it is the biggest list of top webcam sites , I think you could type the name Lisa or search by categories according to her look. Good luck!

1086 days ago
replied the topic how many dating sties are there created by shashirath

Dozens or even hundreds! I tried 4 or 5 may be before I met my girlfriend online ( Tinder, Match, ). I think online dating is a great option for busy people which have no time enough to meet a partner in real life.

1405 days ago
replied the topic What are the new features of ios10? created by timeis

The first answer is the most informative, thanks. I will update my iOS because of Uber and updated maps, it is the app I use daily. By the way, here's a nice service allowing to calculate the price of a future Uber trip beforehand , may be will be useful for someone.

1439 days ago
replied the topic what is the best supplement & protein for bodybuilding? created by andewande

I like one from Vega ( here's a detailed review , supplemental shake ), excellent product able to replace 1-2 meals. It is very nutritional and tastes greatly, btw.

1482 days ago
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