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replied the topic What is going to give me the best internet connection for online gaming? created by sitarakhan

Came here just with the same question! I am on to check demo version of , I already heard and read tons of positive reviews on this game. Just need to define with Internet provider as mine is not fast enough.

9 days ago
replied the topic How to find free PowerPoint themes & templates ? created by fiona

That's easier than it might seem, there are plenty of good providers, I personally love one from a popular templates provider, just check this source - 22 excellent powerpoint templates are already available.
Good luck!

19 days ago
replied the topic Help me Found LISA webcam free created by Ased13

Try to search here, it is the biggest list of top webcam sites , I think you could type the name Lisa or search by categories according to her look. Good luck!

43 days ago
replied the topic how many dating sties are there created by shashirath

Dozens or even hundreds! I tried 4 or 5 may be before I met my girlfriend online ( Tinder, Match, ). I think online dating is a great option for busy people which have no time enough to meet a partner in real life.

362 days ago
replied the topic What are the new features of ios10? created by timeis

The first answer is the most informative, thanks. I will update my iOS because of Uber and updated maps, it is the app I use daily. By the way, here's a nice service allowing to calculate the price of a future Uber trip beforehand , may be will be useful for someone.

396 days ago
replied the topic what is the best supplement & protein for bodybuilding? created by andewande

I like one from Vega ( here's a detailed review , supplemental shake ), excellent product able to replace 1-2 meals. It is very nutritional and tastes greatly, btw.

439 days ago
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