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replied the topic How to kill wall of meet in terraria? created by KOFF

It is not so hard as you think,you just need to place rails all over the hell and a kind of powerfull weapon like a book from demons,also you need a normal armore

857 days ago
replied the topic Windows Kernel Mode driver stopped responding created by Bittown

Things that I've tried, but didn't work (so you people wont lose time trying those options):

Install an older driver, restart computer and getting the same error
(I tested the following ones: 358.50, 358.87, 359.00, 361.91, 362.00)
Every new installation I tried both express and custom options, also with a clean install

Tried to change the setting of the NVIDIA control panel, changed the power management mode from Adaptive to Maximum Performance, also the VSync to off, since a lot of people recommended that. Restart, testing the game and same error.

Contacted the customer service (chat). Thank you "Ahmed" for your great help, letting me wait for 28 minutes just to say "This is a known problem, try to update your driver" and disconnecting. Appreciated it

Uninstall game and freshly install it again. Nope, same error.

Im really disappointed into NVIDIA, since I dont think that sending my PC to repairs will actually fix anything.

857 days ago
replied the topic What are the must-watch events in the Olympic games? created by walcott

As i think there are 3 must-watch events during the Olympic games:Weightlifting,Swimming and also Gymnastics.These are 3 main interesting sports with a different stile which i suggest you to see.If you want to see something really cool you can watch a BMX riding which is also at the Olympic games

857 days ago
replied the topic You agree with the The best answer to this site? created by pustoi11

**place for a stupid answer which will be the best**

858 days ago
replied the topic What is Your Dota 2 Favourite Hero? created by Ashrizel

My favorite hero is an Ember Spirit.When you take your travel boots you will be so fucking mobile.You just place your remnant and farm whatever you want.And also he is is so powerfull at the late game.I just boost my mmr with this imba hero;)

858 days ago
replied the topic Who is your favorite football player? created by daydream

My football hero is Arjen Robben.Never forget his brilliant play and a speed record<3

862 days ago
replied the topic What is the craziest thing you've ever done? created by hanabi

The craziest thing that i ever did is to throw a fridge from the 11th floor.Never forget those crack sound:D

862 days ago
replied the topic What are the must installed programs in your computer? created by CUPs

For me the main program on my computer is a Winaso registry optimizer.It is pretty simple to use and i really like it.If your PC is lagging this program will fix it.Try RegOpt and you will understand what i am talking about:)

862 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite game when you were a kid? created by colin

As i remember i had a really cool childhood.I liked to play a role games.To create my own hospital or a firestation.And when i was in a kindergarten i used to do different performances because i had an interesting ideas.But one thing that i still clearly remember is to take 4-5 chairs,place them together and cover it with a blanket so there was my own castle:).We were sitting there with my friends,reading differnt scary stories brrrr.Childhood is unforgettable time of your life.

863 days ago
replied the topic Any 1 know the funny www site created by shahab

I know the website for you:D
Just try this and you will stuck on it for an hours

863 days ago
replied the topic How get Veteran Medal At roblox? created by RafaelAudacio

It was a gift from roblox in december 2011,people who played for 1 year got it for free but the others had to pay 2k robux for it

863 days ago
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