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replied the topic What skill would you most like to master? created by timeis

Telepathy : )

1703 days ago
replied the topic What are the pros and cons to be a programmer? created by walker16

Programming is similar to magic. If you are a talented programmer, you'll be a mighty Wizard (like Hermione Jean Granger : ) ), and if you have no talent you always will painfully work and receive surprising results (like Neville Longbottom : ) )

1703 days ago
replied the topic Why does the UK want to leave the European Union? created by faire32

The referendum is a vivid example of the fact that economic issues can not be solved by voting. Nobody arranges referenda on problems of nuclear physics or medicine. The economy is not less complicated science, but the decision is made by voting. The result: pound dangles at the bottom of the abyss, etc.

1703 days ago
replied the topic Do you think that tablets are useless? created by MyWay

In this case the most important is your own opinion. If personally to you phone is convenient, why should you pay attention to any articles?

1703 days ago
replied the topic Do you close windows when using air conditioners? created by bootup

AC cools the air in the room. If the window is open, this cooled air is continuously goes out and the warm air is continuously supplied to the room, and all the work of the AC wasted. Conclusion: when AC ic running, window needs to be closed.

1711 days ago
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